Amazing Hairstyle: Rope Braid

Rope Braid

Braids are so fashionable hairstyles, but not easy to do. However, the skills could be learnt through exercises and the results will definitely be some amazing ones. Now, we present how to make a lovely rope braid. Until you start making this hairstyle, you should know 2 types of braidings: waterfall braid and French braid. Check out the image above and the directions below to create this beautiful hairstyle!


1. First, make 5 sections, as if you are starting the waterfall braid, but don`t finish it for now, just clip it away.

2. After that, braid the strands of the waterfall braid. Take the first long braid and integrate it into the waterfall base as you can see in the picture.

3.Continue with French braid until you add all the thin, long braids.

4. Then simply tug at the braids to loosen them.

5. When you are pleased about its aspect, simply continue with a simple three strand braid to end the hair style.

Enjoy your new hairstyle!

Image: @noraforell.

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