How to Make a Poofy Ponytail

How to Make a Poofy Ponytail

The easiest way to wear your hair is the ponytail, it is simple, you hair doesn’t have to be the cleanest, so it is great for not freshly washed hair too, you can wear it while doing sports, at school, at office, everywhere and most girls with long hair wear it all the time, especially in the house. To give a cuter look to the classic ponytail we will show you how to make it poofy (and girls with long and heavy hair will love this simple trick). This will make the hair look like it has a lot of volume and strength in it but it is still easy. The only thing you need to create this are 2 hair elastics.

How to make a poofy ponytail: Take half of your hair and gather it with the hair elastic. Put your fingers in it as you can see in the pictures and loosen a little bit. Take the other elastic and unite the left hair with the one that is gathered in the ponytail.

Photo courtesy: thehowtomom.

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