Hairbrush Holders from Tin Cans – DIY

Hair brushes are a must-have item you can see almost on every dressing table. The problem with brushes, however, is that they can be quite space-consuming; which is why we’d need this DIY brush holder. After all, a brush holder would make it easier for you to keep your brushes clean and prevent them from getting squished or worse, lost. Imagine how much time you’d be able to save simply by organizing your brushes in one place!

Making your own brush holder is actually not that difficult. Plus, you don’t need costly materials or a lot of time to make one. There are actually two kinds of DIY brush holder you can make: one that you put on your table proposed by BeautyAndTheBestOfTheRest, and another one that you can stick on the wall behind the table (more space!) proposed by TheCreativeImperative. Let’s see how you can make them today.

Foto: TheCreativeImperative

For both holders, you’d need old tin cans. You can get them from canned food and chips packaging. After cleaning them thoroughly to get rid of the odor, you need to adjust the size (if necessary; chips can tends to be longer so you can cut it into two). Next, you need to take the bottom and the top off, and then wrap the outer skirt in a piece of scrapbook paper, gift wrapping paper, or a simple foil sheet. After sealing the wrapping carefully, place an adhesive on the back of the can (for a neater look, place the adhesive across where the wrapping meets). Then, you can stick it into any flat surface you’d like (make sure to wipe the surface clean before sticking it).

Foto: Beautyandthebestoftherest

For a simpler holder, you can keep the bottom of the can intact, wrap it neatly and simply place it on your desk. Just a tip: you may have to wrap the sharp edges with a clear tape before wrapping it with a scrapbook paper just to avoid getting cuts. If your brushes are rather tall or heavy, you may need a slightly taller can.

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