3 Hair Color Trends To Embrace In The Fall And Winter

Around 75% of women in the U.S. color their hair compared to 7% in 1950, indicating the extent to which color is an important beauty and fashion statement in current times.

Research conducted by Madison-Reed indicates that the most common colors chosen are black and blonde, though the wide array of styles and products available (both permanent and washable) mean that consumers are more likely to experiment with styles that will neither harm their hair health nor be difficult to replace.

If you’re up for a change, the following fall/winter hair coloring trends may just be worth trying out.


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Honey blonde has a warm, sunny feel to it, yet lends hair a beautiful, natural look that flatters the complexion. It is somewhere between blonde and brown, as it lightens up light brown locks with large areas or thick streaks of blonde.

The effect is seamless and carefree though, as the lighter streaks are just a few shades lighter than the darker ones. Celebrities sporting this trend include Saoirse Ronan and Sophie Turner.


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The gemstone color trend was big last year, and it continues to hold sway in the cooler season in 2020. Popular hues include pinks, blues, violets and opals. Gemstones tones are being applied to hair in various ways – including ombre effects, fine and wide streaks, and full color blocks.

Balayage is a good choice if you are after something lively but subtle that you can wear to work as well as on party days. If you enjoy change-ups and want to experiment from month to month with various different shades, a color stripper with hydrosulfite or ammonium chloride will effectively remove even the brightest hues.

You can remove color at home with a dedicated kit, but read reviews to ensure the product you choose does not damage your hair. Vivid blue is particularly ‘in’, and has been seen on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Katy Perry.


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Copper, chestnut and cinnamon shades will be a big hit amongst brunettes and raven-haired belles, since they lend a warm, light-filled touch to darker shades and look great on all skin tones. Coppery or lighter reddish-brown touches can be added to hair in the form of full washes, ombre accents or streaks.

Priyanka Chopra is currently rocking this trend in ombre fashion, with roots bearing a dark chocolatey hue, and the lower half of her wavy locks bearing a lighter coppery shade and a few honey blonde streaks.

Natural honey, vivid gemstone, and warm copper tones are just a few looks that will be dominating hair color in the upcoming months. All three lend hair a natural, light-filled look that combines warmth and illumination. Additional colors you may wish to look into include grays, muted reds, and platinum shades for the most daring.

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