Great Ways to Spend a Day in the Sun

It seems that those perfectly clear summer days get harder and harder to come by. That means any day that does come along that’s absolutely perfect needs to be capitalized on with extreme prejudice. Without the proper preparations, though, you’ll find yourself all amped up with nothing to do. Whether you’re alone or with a few pals or even your family, there are lots of fairly inexpensive options that can be brought out at a moment’s notice for a memorably fun day.

Here are some prime examples:

Fly a kite

Humans have always been fascinated by flight, to the point where we’ve overcome our own physical limitations and fly thousands of miles each and every day cumulatively. For the longest time, the best way for us to satiate our hunger for the skies was by flying a kite.

Using a little bit of physics knowledge and a windy day to your advantage, flying a kite can be an extremely satisfying and fun experience. The sheer range of modern kites is best explored on Kite Obsession as the kites available now are much easier to use, as well as more entertaining to watch than the kites of yesteryear. Flying a kite is perhaps one of the simplest ways to enjoy some wide-open spaces.

Go birding

Birding is the informal term for bird watching used mainly by people who engage in the hobby. To be a successful birder, all you need is some patience and green forested space nearby where birds are likely to congregate. It’s a kind of recreational activity where the goal is to observe as many birds as you can as they simply go about their day.

Their outer beauty and personalities will be on display in their natural habitat, and you’ll get in some physical activity as well as fresh air. Enthusiasts consider birding different from bird watching, as bird watching is often much less intentional and indirect compared to birding in which people explicitly seek out birds in the wild.

Cool off at the pool

Going into the water is a fantastic way to either lounge, get in some quality cardio exercise, or a solid mixture of the two. During a hot day, you can rest assured that people will be finding ways to beat the heat, the pool being just one way to accomplish this task. Bring some sunscreen and a towel and spend your day wading through the pool. It’s perhaps one of the most quintessential summer activities of all time.


There are lots of interesting ways to spend a day in the sun. These three should merely serve as an inspiration, as opposed to a comprehensive list of everything you could possibly do. The best warm-weather activities focus on comfort, capitalizing on the fact that the weather isn’t always as accommodating, as well as scratching a human itch to be entertained.

Taking full advantage of these beautiful days is essentially for maintaining your sanity as you go about your life. Without taking time to decompress properly, you risk bottling things up until they’re completely out of hand.

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