Funny Tips for Pregnant Women

Here are some tips all pregnant women should keep in their minds. They are about style and attitude in different situations.
1. Sharing with Friends: It’s nice to tell your friends about your situation, but make sure you do it the funny way not the crazy one!


2. Riding Public Transit: Don’t be too pushy if there is no place to sit down in the train. For sure someone will get up and offer you a seat.


3. Music for Baby: Music is great for the baby, but a little bit of singing, not a power sound system!


4. Picking a Name: Read books that transmit peaceful and positive feelings.
5. Fun Shower Games: 
Shower games are fun! Stay clear of the bull ring though! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_07

6. Packing for the Hospital: Pack light ladies! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_08

7. Getting to the Hospital: Your water breaks! It’s tough times ahead but pay attention when you drive !


8. Recording the Birth: It’s good to have some memories from the birth – don’t overwhelm yourself though. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_10

9. Sharing Old Clothes: You don’t want to be giving your beer-loving neighbor your old jeans – it might insult him! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_11

10. Your Maternity LeaveRelax and take it easy, indifferently how much you want to get rid of the extra kilos. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_12

11. Telling Him You’re Pregnant: Make sure to tell your man you are pregnant in the right way. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_13

12. Visualization in Labor: Labor’s tough but that’s why they call it labor! Visualize it as a good thing.


13. Reliable Pregnancy Tests: Choose the scientific way to find out if you’re pregnant.  funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_15

14. Pregnancy Symptoms: Know your symptoms. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_16

15. Choosing an OBGyn: Make sure you pick the right gyno, ladies! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_17

16. Taking Supplements: Supplements are tempting. Make sure you do it the right way though – lay off them steroids! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_18

17. Getting More Fluids: Make sure you still stay away to the non-alcoholic beverages. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_19

18. Getting Exercise: You might want to go swimming. Avoid the diving board though! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_20

19. Cravings: In this period you’ll get strange cravings – but not monkey brains! No matter what your brain says, there is always a limit to what you can eat. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_21

20. Yoga Positions: If you’re into yoga, don’t stress your body. Lay off the Bikram.. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_22

21. Flattering Swimwear: Choose a swimwear according to your situation. funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_23

22. Working Pregnant: If your job requires you to drill holes you might want to consider taking a break! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_24

23. Cutting Loose: Cut lose, foot lose – don’t let the dance floor get the better of you! funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_25 Photo courtesy: izismile.

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