DIY Fast Beauty Fixes at the Office

You enter the office in the morning and you look perfect, but what happens later on when you your confidence might drop from various reasons? Problems with mascara or something between your teeth are just a few. There are a few common beauty setbacks that women face at their workplace, we have identified them and we will give you tricks on how to quickly deal with them. Check out the details below.

DIY Fast Beauty Fixes at the Office

1. Wet Hair
You wake up late and you don’t want to appear at the office with dirty hair so you need to wash it, but what happens when you don’t have time to dry it? Pull your damp hair into a bun with the help of a doughnut shaped hair accessory. Don’t worry if it still looks a little wet, what needs to dry in order to look good will dry in your way to the office.

2. Stains of sweat
We all sweat and it is normal, but you don’t want to show that at the office. There is a great product called Sweatblock that is a very powerful antiperspirant that you blot under your arms before sleep. Most cases sweat can disappear for an entire week. See another method on How to Protect Clothes from Sweat Stains and also How to Remove Sweat Stains from Your Clothes.

3. Greasy Skin
If you have oily skin by nature or it just gets greasy with time, you can use toilet paper and gently push it to your face. This absorbs everything oily and gives you a fresh look.

4. Raccoon Eyes
If you didn’t get enough sleep, of course it will show on your face and eyes. If you are still sleepy your eyes are wet and this can ruin your mascara and make it to run. For those days, try to use a waterproof mascara to prevent your make-up from getting messy.

5. Chipped Nails
Chipped nails are a big no at the office especially before meeting an important client. Always keep in your bag your nail polish to fix your manicure when in need, or at leas some nail polish remover if you did your nails at a salon. It’s better to not have any nail polish on your nails than to leave them chipped.

6. Frizzy Hair
Carry some moisturizer with you in your bag. For emergency cases you can take some cream, rub it between your hands and gently apply it to your hair avoiding the roots (for a non greasy look).
We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to keep looking gorgeous at the office!

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