Correctly Blending Hair Extensions with Your Hair

Although hair extensions of all types are great for updating the way your hair looks, they have to blend well with your real hair strands lest they stand out and make you look strange as a result. Getting hair extensions to properly blend your hair can be challenging, but can be done by following the tips given below. Correctly Blending Hair Extensions with Your Hair

Getting extensions matching the colour of your hair

Hair extensions become obvious if they do not match the rest of the strands on your head, and one of the most common ways to ensure that they do match is by picking out your hair colour from a computer screen. This offers ease and convenience, although it has some room for error. A better method of colour matching is by picking your natural hair colour from a printed out chart with the assistance of a colour expert.
A third option is emailing a selfie to hair extension manufacturers, for example sassy6. Just make sure that the picture you send does not have special effects (like Instagram filters) and clearly shows the true colour and shade of your hair. If, however, the hair extensions available to you are still one to two shades lighter, they can be dyed one to two shades darker.

Blending Them Correctly

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Once you have purchased extensions that truly match your hair colour, the next step is getting them placed in such a way that they blend with your own real hair. For the best results to be achieved, the first thing you need to do is to head to a hairstylist and ask them to cut your extensions so that their ends do not go beyond the tips of your natural hair strands.
Do you have shorter hair but want to make people think that those long locks are really yours? Have all layers of your short hair pinned back first prior to the placement of hair extensions. You may also buy layer blending wefts and let hairstylists place them for you.

Fitting and Preparation

Many types of extensions need to have something firm to grip onto. To make your real hair firmer, apply some hairspray and then tease them gently before clipping the extensions on. While thicker hair does not need that much teasing, finer hair requires more teasing.
Another great way to put on hair extensions is by setting them together so that they are hard to tell from your real hair. You can also apply the bottom weft upside-down. Doing this allows any short hair strands to be hidden by the longer strands of hair extensions.
Did you know that it also helps to shake them gently once they have been clipped in? Be careful when you do this, though, because you might hit the clips.

The Proper Care for Hair Extensions

Like your real hair, extensions will get ruined if you do not take care of them properly. Ruined extensions do not blend well with your hair and, if used, will make you look like you just woke up. There are many ways to take care of your hair extensions, and these are:

• Shampooing
It is advised that you shampoo them only when they start to look dull or smell bad. Shampooing them frequently will make them look duller.
While shampooing, take out any tangled strands gently using your fingers. Start untangling hair strands from the tips of the extensions and work your way up. If they are difficult to remove, apply conditioner on the extensions before trying to untangle them again.
Notes on shampooing
• Only use a high-quality mild shampoo and conditioner intended for dry and damaged hair. This keeps your extensions moist.
• Avoid washing extensions while they are attached
• Only use cool water to wet the extensions gradually.
• Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, or twisting the strands of your hair extensions. Instead, stroke them downward from weft to base.
• Hair extensions do not get oils like natural hair does, so make sure to pamper them with oil after washing.
• To dry the extensions, lay them down on a very clean towel. Do not blow-dry them.

• Brushing
Comb the hair extensions properly using a loop brush or a wide-toothed comb. Both are great for extensions as they do not pull on the strands hard, but instead, just glide smoothly through them. Don’t forget to remove any tangled strands before brushing.

• Colouring
While there are extensions that can be coloured, others get damaged when coloured. A professional colourist should be approached, as they not only can colour them well, they can also identify if yours can be coloured or not.

• Proper storage of your clip-in hair extensions
Before storing your extensions, make sure that they are shampooed, tangle-free, and dry. Otherwise, they will not only look messy upon your next use, moulds might grow on them. Store them in the same box it came with or a clean, old shoebox, and make sure to keep it out of sunlight.

Making sure that the hair extensions that you buy blend well with your natural locks requires you to do so many things. But all the effort exerted will pay off once you get a lot of heads turning towards you in the next party.

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