How to Choose Your Next Concealer Brush

Remember the feeling of genuine happiness you couldn’t help, but express when you got your hands on the concealer and concealer brush you wanted? You discovered a color that matched your tone perfectly and the best applicator for getting the job done. Better yet, you’ve also managed to score a prime set of brushes because—let’s face it—when it comes to applying concealer to different areas of the face, you need more than one.

The fact of the matter is concealer has been saving women’s faces since its inception. When unexpected imperfection pops up, you reach for your concealer. Furthermore, with a good concealer brush, you can confidently cover up dark circles, large pores, and blemishes while evening out your skin tone. Hence, to achieve this feat, you need the 411 about what to look for in the ideal concealer brush.

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Why Concealer Matters

A concealer differs from a foundation, although its application is one of the primary steps toward achieving your overall look. Some concealers are thicker in consistency while others are a soft solid. Either one can expertly hide pigmentation or a skin irritation by blending into your surrounding skin tone.

Plus, the concealer comes in varying shades, but you’ll choose one that’s either slightly lighter or darker than your skin depending on what you’re covering up. When looking for the concealer that’s right for your complexion, don’t forget to show some love by choosing a great concealer brush.

Basically, you’ll need different sizes and shapes that reach into corners or can cover a broad area of your face. The types of materials that they’re fabricated from matter a great deal as well since you wouldn’t want to use an instrument that causes irritation or falls apart easily.

Major Considerations for Choosing a Concealer Brush

Choosing the right concealer brush may seem like a complex task when you look at the variety of selections. However, it will make a unique difference in your make-up process. In fact, the best concealer brush will function in harmony with your favorite product.

So, there are distinct factors to consider when choosing a concealer brush. Aside from size, shape, and quality of the bristles, you might think about choosing a concealer brush from a company that’s socially and environmentally conscious and refrains from testing its products on animals.

The Right Brush for a Thick or Light Formula

Concentrated concealer and light concealer are two of the most common products, and each one requires a distinctive brush for even application and blending. When selecting a concealer, check out if the brush would be great for the specific product of your choice.

Concentrated concealers, for starters, are used to cover dark circles under the eyes and hide scars. This type of concealer tends to be thick in texture and comes in a tube-like or pot-like container, so it’s advisable to go for a concealer brush with thick and sturdy fibers that are short and firm.

The bristles that are shorter in length and have a dense thickness help you to maintain more control over how much product you apply. Plus, this type of brush spreads the concealer more evenly across a broader area. You can also use the shorter, thicker brush just for blending instead of an applicator.

The light concealers, on the other hand, are for all-purpose use. As noted by its name, the consistency of the liquid is “runnier” than other variation and provide light coverage. Therefore, your best choice would be to go for a brush that has long and soft fibers. This type of concealer brush applies a large amount of concealer to the face.

Thus, it will aid in controlling the quantity and direction of your concealer and ensure an even application over specific areas such as the inner corners of your eyes and right around your nose. Plus, the fine tip allows to you to target blemishes without having to cover a broad area if necessary.

A Size and Shape for Each Purpose

A typical concealer brush has a long handle and a small brush head. However, as mentioned, concealer brushes come in many different shapes and sizes which you’d also have to consider along with the density of the bristles. Aside from the brushes that are compatible with either concentrated or light concealer, the most common ones are the classic concealer brush, small precision concealer brush, and flat-top concealer brush have distinct functions that they perform.

The classic brush has a tapered tip that works best for camouflaging blemishes. The precision performs well in getting to the hard-to-reach areas that are impossible for a wider tip. This type is also the better option for application as opposed to blending. And speaking of, the flat-top works perfectly for blending especially around the outer edges of the area where you applied the concealer.

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Social Conscience

Unfortunately, some companies still test their products on animals, or vulnerable creatures are harmed when obtaining fibers that are needed to produce the bristles of concealer brushes. So, finding a producer who doesn’t experiment on animals would offer the best option. Plus, this also means that the company doesn’t disrupt ecological systems in order to gain materials for handles or bristles.

So, there you have the basics of choosing a concealer brush that works well with different consistencies of concealer and suits specific purposes in your makeup regimen. In little time at all, you’ll acquire a good set of brushes that’ll blend or buff and help you to acquire a flawless complexion.

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