Chic Ruffled Scarf – DIY

Beautiful Lace Scarf - DIY

If you want everybody to envy you for a well thought detail in your look, we have an idea for how you can achieve this by making yourself the refined detail. Counting that lace is in, here is how you can make yourself an eye-catching scarf.

You will need:
– lace fabric 3 yards x 12 inches wide;
– white embroidery thread;
– scissors.

Directions: Cut the fabric of the size of an old scarf you like. You can start stitching every 1/3 of an inch (for larger ruffles, use more inches here), at almost 2 inches from the side, securing the first stitch with a knot, and you will have the first ruffle. Do not forget to pull your thread tight after every few stitches, this will create the ruffles. Continue till the end of your fabric, and repeat the same process on the other side, creating two ruffles with 8 inches in between. Enjoy!

lace scarf Photo courtesy: abeautifulmess.

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