Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals


Beach wedding barefoot sandals is a must-have item on your list if you’re planning to have your wedding by the beach. Having an exotic wedding is definitely a memorable way to celebrate the special day, but the preparation leading to it is far from easy. When choosing outfit, menus, and seating arrangement, you need to keep in mind that your wedding isn’t indoor, and you (and your guests) won’t be stepping on solid floor! A common mistake many make is choosing the wrong footwear, since sands can get into your sandals and leave your soles blistered and burnt (though we’re pretty sure no one would wear heeled shoes, …right?)

The solution? These barefoot sandals! They’re called sandals, but don’t worry. They’re nothing more than a decoration for your feet. This allows you to keep the wedding casual, fun, and hassle-free; but still appropriately solemn and decorated. Having your first dance in the beach won’t be a problem since barefoot sandals feature flexible ankle so your moves aren’t restricted.

There are plenty of barefoot sandals available for purchase online, but you can also make one yourself! However, you can find more inspirations online, just in case you’re not sure what to buy or to make.

If your wedding dress is more on the simple side, you can go with handmade simple barefoot sandals, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Since the crystals sparkle under the sunlight, there’s no way no one would notice how beautiful the sandals are!

However, if you prefer something slightly more intricate with fascinating details, we suggest you to try barefoot sandals with more beads and laces. Some of them also come in various colors, like black, gold, ivory, or even red! Plus, with the pattern, at the end of the day you can see cute tan lines on your foot instep. Some barefoot sandals go up all the way to your lower calves, so there’s no need to worry if your wedding dress is slightly short!

Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals

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