Back Acne: Causes And How to Treat It Quickly

Acne is like that nosy neighbor who loves to show up unannounced to ruin your day. The only difference between the nosy neighbor and acne is – you can get rid of acne.

Back acne, AKA bacne, are the small pimples popping out of your back. It is normal and similar to facial acne. The majority of the people with acne-prone skin have bacne as well. And it’s completely treatable. You have got nothing to worry about.

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There are many reasons, and some of them are under your control. Let’s dive into the more details of tiny monsters and how to get rid of them.

What is Back Acne?

It is precisely similar to face acne, except it pops out of your back or shoulder. It’s a result of dead skin cells, excessive sebum, and bacteria partying on your skin. All three of them generate pinkish-red pimples on your back, which could also be painful to touch.

Back acne might be as common as blackheads, whiteheads, or as painful as nodules, pustules, and papules. Pus filled cystic acne could be more painful and hard to get rid of, leaving behind acne scars.

Fortunately, no matter how severe it gets, it’s never late to treat them. Before we talk about pimples on back and shoulder home remedies, let’s understand what causes them.

What Causes Bacne?

There are plenty of black acne reasons that most people ignore. The common ones are:

1. Sporty activities

Your body naturally releases sweat during sporty activities or workouts. Compared to face, there are more sweat glands on your back, and therefore, excessive sweat and sebum clog the pores of your skin.

The friction of the clothes on your skin or any pressure causes hair follicles to break out, opening the skin pores. That causes acne on your back, also known as acne mechanica.

2. Heredity

If your family has a long history of acne, then your skin will naturally carry that heredity. It’s completely normal and, in fact, easily treatable.

3. Hormonal changes

Most of the time, hormonal changes are the culprit. It could be because of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or any imbalance resulting in excessive sebum secretion.

4. Skin type

Acne-prone skin reacts quickly to any changes. Having acne-prone skin implies having facial and bacne. Sensitive skin reacts to heat, variations in soap or shampoo products, or even changes in diet. Acne mechanica gets along quickly with dry skin.

5. Medication and stress

If you are on medication, especially antidepressants, then the side effect could be bacne or facial acne. Moreover, stress plays with hormones, which then results in bacne.

6. Hygiene

How often you cleanse your back, what kind of hair or body products you use, how often you wash your clothes? All these have everything to do with back acne. Bad hygiene = acne scars.

The good thing is, a number of treatments can give you acne-free skin. Here is how:

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How to Treat and Prevent Back Acne

First thing first, observe the severity of the bacne. If it looks bad, immediately consult a dermatologist. Otherwise, the below remedies would work best.

1. Maintaining the hygiene

Cleansing your body is the simplest bacne treatment at home. All you need to do is thoroughly wash your skin as well as your clothes. A good body exfoliating scrub or body polish would be an excellent choice to clean skin pores from deep within.

Averr Aglow’s Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish naturally detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells, and clears acne breakouts. It’ll flourish your skin.

Hair products or shampoos can worsen bacne.

Pro Tip: Wash your hair before cleansing your back.

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

Acne breakouts might get worse in the sunrays, especially if you have sensitive skin. Above cleansing routine followed by sunscreen would be the best treatment for sensitive skin.

Or, try cleansing your back with a homemade body scrub. Take some raw honey, sugar, and aloe vera. Mix it well and gently clean acne-affected areas on your back and shoulder.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has exceptional antibacterial properties. It will minimize back acne resulting in flawless skin. You can use a few drops of tea tree oil along with your soap or shampoo.

4. The right diet

The right diet plays a vital role in acne prevention. What you eat = How your skin looks. To prevent acne, avoid any oily food. Prefer eating fruits, fresh green vegetables, and gluten-free food. Reduce the intake of dairy products and pick plant-based milk instead.

Additional Tips:

  • Use a loofah or body scrubbing brush to reach every corner of your back;
  • Take a good 15 to 20 minutes bath every day;
  • Wear washed loose cotton clothes;
  • Try not to put any pressure/friction on the acne-affected shoulders or back.

All the above tips will guaranteedly clear back and shoulder acne.

Lovely ladies, it’s time to take backless tops and dresses out of the closet and slay in it.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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