Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

Layered-twist-arround-hair Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

For every event you have to present yourself at, at your best shape, we want to share with you a very simple, fast and elegant layered twist around hairstyle. Suitable for any modern woman that does not dispose of all the time needed for a very sophisticated hairstyle, here is how you can do this glamorous look by yourself:

You will need:
– a hairbrush;
– a few tiny hair elastics in the colour of your hair.

Directions: First you start by brushing your hair, after which you should grab a top layer of hair, and tie it with an elastic. The next thing you will do is to split the area above the elastic in two, and put the pony tail through the loop created. The next thing to be done is to add a little hair from the sides to the tail first created, and take another elastic and make another ponytail. Now you will have to do the exact same thing you did with the first ponytail, therefore you will split the above section of the elastic in two, and twist the ponytail through the loop created. Repeat as often as you need, until you get to the bottom of your hair. If you make more twists, you will have a more complex final look. Check out also the video below to see the procedure. Enjoy!

diy-layered-twist-around-hairstyle Amazing Hairstyle in Less than 5 Minutes

Photo courtesy: Luxy Hair;

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  1. Loved it, it was quick and simple yet elegant. I will have to try t his on my daughter as I no longer have long hair, wish I knew how to do this when I did have long hair. It will be fun to do on the kids though.

  2. really liked your video and I am trying this style on my daughter right now when we just wanted to play around.

  3. I just tried this hair style & I love it. I have long hair & looking for ways to jazz it up a little. I finished mine with a loose braid.

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