7 Things You DON’T Want To Do To Your Hair

Having a beautiful hair is one of the most important things when it comes to beauty. The makeup is worthless when it isn’t associated with a beautiful hair. We all try to maximize our powers and beauty is one of them, so if you want to look fabulous, you should stop doing these 7 things to your hair which are very harmful.


What you should stop doing to your hair:
1. Wrong combing – we all become impatient sometimes and tend to brush our hair in an aggressive manner. This is wrong and breaks the hair, if you want to brush your hair properly never start from the roots instead start with the ends and gently go up to the roots without pulling the hair.
2. Brush with dirty combs – from time to time brushes, like any other personal objects, need to be washed. Dirt and bacteria can build up on them and stick to your hair. Use some baking soda or shampoo to clean brushes and combs regularly.
3. Bleaching – yes, light colored hair looks amazing on many of us, but is it healthy to do? Dyeing makes the hair more fragile, dries it out by making it more sensitive to breakages. If you really care how your hair looks, natural is always the best.
4. Ironing too often – curling or straightening hair with irons are the easiest ways to create hairstyles, but not the healthiest ones. Heat from the irons damage hair massively making it look dead. Use protection before using them to reduce as much as you can the harming effects.
5. Use too many hair products – they can be heavy and too much to handle for your hair. Try and use the basics, shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, and special hair care products for heat, if you plan to use curling or straightening irons.
6. Wash it daily – the worst idea if you want to keep your hair healthy, as shampoos remove dirt but also the good oils that keep the hair alive.
7. Keep your hair tight – buns, ponytails that are too tight can rip off the hair from roots as a constant tension is exerted on them. Avoid tight hairstyles as much as possible.

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