Choose Hairstyle According to Face Shape

Choose Hairstyle According to Face Shape

Women love to make changes, especially when it comes to hairstyle and haircuts. There is a saying, when a woman changes her hairstyle she is preparing to change the world. If we analyze this, it’s actually true, we usually make changes for emotional reasons and the quickest and noticeable change we can make outside of us is our hairstyle. The question is, how to choose the right one for you? Very easy, we will tell you this by only taking in consideration your face shape. Let the fun begin.

There are 4 main categories of face shapes we will cover and these are:

1. Oval face:
– allows you to play with different styles and lengths;
– long hair suits it best;
– perfect hairstyles are: buns and braids.

2. Round face:
– middle length haircuts look great on it and everything that falls below the chin;
– perfect hairstyles are: ponytails.

3. Heart-shaped face:
– long hair suits it best, short hair will make it look wider in the top so avoid it;
– perfect hairstyles are: everything curly!

4. Square face:
– avoid middle length hair, will make it look wider, short and very long hair looks great on it;
– perfect hairstyles are: loosened and straightened hair.

Whatever face shape you have, always remember to enjoy your beauty!

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