The Importance of Floors in Interior Design

What comes to your mind when you think of the interior design? Many would want to talk about wall decoration, the ceiling, furniture among other things. However, we fail to consider the most important part of any house – the floor.

The floor has a significant impact on the interior design and also adds up to its effectiveness. Come to think of it, the floor occupies a large space in any building or house. Again, it is the most used space of any building. Why does it not get the attention it deserves?

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Floors come in different types, designs, and shapes. Some are durable while others only last for a short period. Some are great for aesthetics while others are designed for functionality. It all depends on your needs, desires, and budget.

When choosing the right flooring for your interior, you should never rely on one aspect of particular flooring material – think of the cost, durability, resistance, aesthetics, and many other things. You don’t want a classy flooring that will only last for a year.

That said, let us discuss the various types of flooring and why you need to prioritize your floor especially when you are revamping your interior design.

1. Enhance your home’s beauty and comfort with wooden floors

If you wish to enhance the looks of your interior design, wooden flooring is the way to go. This floor gives your home a good first impression and it is easier to clean or maintain. A simple wipe will help you clean and remove any spills on a wooden floor.

Solid wood floors are also very strong and durable if well cared for. Besides, the flooring can easily adapt to any interior design theme. Its versatility allows it to be matched to almost anything, which is why it is a great option for homeowners interested in a classy look.

2. Increase resistance and functionality with porcelain floors

Porcelain tiles or floor consists of clay and other natural components that are blended together and fired in a furnace. This flooring solution is more expensive than other floors, but there is a reason for this.

Porcelain floors tend to be more resistant to wear than ceramic tiles. This floor has fewer air pockets, it’s harder, thicker, and more uniform during construction which makes it durable and highly resistant to wear. The floor comes in a wide range of styles and is perfect for high-traffic areas.

3. Minimize costs with textile floors

A tight budget shouldn’t be a reason to ignore your floors when revamping your home’s interior. We have good and affordable flooring solutions like Textile floors.

Textile floors are simply carpets installed on a floor to protect it while giving your interior a classy look. It also makes your feet warm, especially during cold seasons. Besides, you can easily customize and personalize your floor to match the interior design of your house or building.

4. Make your floor last for decades with concrete flooring

Concrete materials are known to be the best and most durable when used on floors. The floor is tough and resistant to stains and damages. Besides, it requires little to no maintenance, which explains the reason for its popularity and increased use in both residential and commercial spaces.

A properly installed concrete floor can withstand the test of time while still maintaining its shape and appearance. Also, since the material is non-combustible, it resists fire.

Talk of beauty, concrete transforms your floor’s finish into one of a kind all thanks to the various concrete decorative treatments available. You can stain, polish, stamp, or resurface using epoxy resin.

5. Add value to your property with natural stone floors

Marble, granite, flagstone, limestone, and sandstone are the five common natural stones you can use to beautify and add value to your home. Natural stone floors are suitable and best both for residential and commercial use.

The good thing with natural stone floors is that you won’t need to revamp your house’s interior more often to catch up with the latest trend – the floor is timeless.

Natural stone floors are easy to clean and maintain and also they give your interior a natural look.

The importance of floors in interior design can never be underscored. The floor is the first thing you’re friends or guests will see when they enter your house and it forms the basis for interior design. You have various flooring options to choose from depending on factors like functionality, durability, aesthetics, and your budget. Always remember, interior design starts from the floor going up.

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