Reuse Old Jeans to Make a New Handbag – DIY

Reuse Old Jeans to Make a New Handbag - DIY

There are many possibilities to transform an old pair of jeans. A very practical one is to turn jeans into a bag using just a few denim strips.

You will need:

– old jeans;
– scissors;
– needle and thread (sewing machine).


1. Cut several long and even strips from your denim material and attach them together in the basket weaving style.

2. Craft the front and the back of the bag, then, sew the sides and the bottom leaving the upper part opened.

3. Cut some pieces from the jeans fabric to make two long bag handles and sew them on.

4. According to your own idea of a bag, you can add a zipper, buttons, or some other accessories. Enjoy!

You can use the same procedure to make a nice vest!

Reuse Old Jeans into a vest

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  1. Hi! This bag is amazing! I tried it yesterday and i am still not done with it. I am just wondering, did you sew or glue over the basket weave pattern so that they won’t move?

    I would really appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi! There is no glue or sew over the basket weave pattern, but I find it’s a good idea to apply, even if the strips do not move that much.

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