No Sew Pillow Case – DIY

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Here is a great idea to decorate your pillows. The method is very easy to apply and you will not need materials or sewing. All that is required for this action are a pillow and some fabric. Check out the directions and the pictures below to find how to proceed.


1. Place the pillow in the center of the fabric and start wrapping around, lengthwise.

2. Fold the sides of the material around the pillow in 2 layers triangles and overlap them over the pillow.

3. Then, tie them to a knot and try to hide the ends inside.

The result is an elegant and stylish pillow. Enjoy!

No Sew Pillow Case - DIY

Photo courtesy: ourlifedownunda.

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  1. How much fabric do you recommend? I have to average size throw pillows I am looking to recover and love this look, just need to know how much fabric to purchase

  2. How much material is needed for a pillow-granddaughter is making this for mothers day……thanks

  3. 2ed one i found were they dont say how much fabric is needed. I know its different from the size of pillow. We could estimate if we know the size of pillow, what the width and length of fabric was used for this project.

    1. It looks to me like the fabric must be three times as long as the pillow and wide enough to go around it plus a little for overlap. I to wish there was more instruction on yardage as I need to do several of these within the next few days. Under the gun for redecorating for Thanksgiving dinner.

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