Nail Design Inspired by Despicable Me Minions

Nail Design Inspired by Despicable Me Minions

Very popular, Despicable Me Minions is one of the greatest animated movies ever and the cute minions inspired the nail art in a very cute way. Check out the directions and the video below and paint your nails with your favorite minion.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish: blue, yellow, black, white and grey;
– nail striper;
– dotting tool.

Directions: Apply base coat on your nails and then paint the base color, yellow, on a few nails. Let it dry, then make a “french design” with a blue polish. With a nail striper, paint two black rectangles on the sides of the minion head for goggles. With a dotting tool, create a grey large dot for minion eye. While the grey polish dries, with a nail striper, create a little mouth. When the grey is dried, with a smaller dotting tool, add white polish. Let it dry and then apply a black pupil with a smaller dotting tool. Finally, apply nail top coat. Have fun!

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