A Minimalist’s Guide To Souvenirs

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling the world is collecting souvenirs to remind you of the glorious places and beautiful destinations you visit. Every keepsake, photo, and memento has a special significance, and helps to remind you of your adventures even when the daily grind is getting you down.

For the minimalist, however, collecting souvenirs can be a tricky business. If you are trying to live a life without clutter, or curate a sleek, simple, minimal home style, souvenirs can get in the way somewhat.

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But don’t despair! Lovers of a simple life free of possessions can still find plenty of gorgeous things to buy while traveling to remind you of the good times but not destroy the clean lines of your minimalist decor. Take a look below for a few suggestions on how a minimalist can collect souvenirs while on vacation.

1. Clothes

Obviously we’re not talking an ‘I ❤ NY’ t-shirt here, but buying clothes abroad is a great way for minimalists to pick up souvenirs of their travels without cluttering up the design vibe of their home. A good sweater or a warm scarf will last for a long time, and bring back great memories every time you wear it.

2. Books

Reading books written by local authors or stories about your destinations is a great way to get under the skin of your vacation spot, and buying a few choice bits of literature while you are abroad will give you a great way to dip back in to your experiences once you are back home. Whether it is a collection of stories based in the town you visited, or even just a guidebook, a good book will last a lifetime.

3. Home decor

Minimalism might be all about simplicity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find beautiful pieces of artwork or home decor that fit the look you are going for. There’s no reason that you can’t find something minimal and beautiful on your vacation that matches your home design aesthetic, and a piece of art on the wall will be a daily reminder of your adventures abroad.

4. Postcards

Receiving postcards is a retro, traditional joy that is even more delightful in these times of social media and digital communication. If you’re curious about the best cruising destinations, getting a postcard from a family member from every port can draw you into a completely different world, taking you around the world without leaving your front door. You can even send a postcard to yourself, a lovely memento of your adventures just waiting for you on your return.

5. Ingredients

One of the best things about foreign travel is exploring new cuisines and culinary traditions, so why not take them home with you? If you eat a particularly brilliant meal on vacation, or try something new that blows your socks off, ask for the recipe and seek out the herbs, spices, and non-perishable ingredients that make it special. Then experiment at home, and every mealtime will bring back fond memories.

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