4 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Medical Attire

Depending on the type of job you have, your work attire may change from one profession to another. In the business district, you’ll see plenty of people in business suits and smart wear.

Those that work in tech tend to have a bit of a laidback dress code, wearing jeans and a t-shirts with graphic design. Those in retail will be dressed however their company handbook tells them to and people that work from home, well, they can wear whatever they want.

Medical professionals, on the other hand, all seem to have the same general attire, as if they went to a Grey’s Anatomy scrubs sale together.

When you’re looking for the ideal medical attire , we’ve got some tips that you should take into consideration before you head in for your first shift.

Choose the Right Shoes

You’ve got a lot of long shifts in your future which means you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet. Those 24-hour on-call shifts are the norm and can also be downright brutal.

When looking at shoes, be sure to check out Dansko clogs. They are one of the more popular choices amongst medical professionals as they offer fantastic foot support and are quite comfortable.

After that, Nike trainers are also a hot choice thanks to their foot and ankle support. They are built to be durable which is like music to your ears.

Don’t Forget About Socks

While no one may be looking at your socks, there are some socks out there that are flat out better than others.

Look for a good set of compression socks. These socks are going to help increase your circulation and help prevent any lactic acid buildup.

We’re not saying they are going to keep your legs from becoming sore and achy, but they are going to do a fantastic job at delaying any aches and pains you have.

Don’t Go Cheap

Remember, you’re going to be on your feet and moving around a lot, so it’s best that you pay a bit extra for your scrubs and attire.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be scoping out Grey’s Anatomy scrubs sales for a great deal, but it’s best not to go with the cheapest option as soon as you find it.

It’s a hard balance because you’re likely to get bodily fluids on you on a regular basis so you don’t want to spend too much. On the other hand, cheap scrubs are going to wear out with regular washing and scrubbing.

So it’s best to spend just a bit more than you may want without breaking the bank.

Make Sure You Have Pockets

Have you ever met a woman who wants to show off her dress or skirt because it has pockets? You should be doing the same with your medical uniform.

Going around the hospital, you’re going to need plenty of pockets for pens, small devices, or even a little notebook you may need.

It can be tough to stay organized with the thousands of things you may have going on at any moment and pockets can help bring some organization to that chaos.

Make sure you get pockets on both the top and bottom parts of your uniform and make sure they’re deep. You don’t want to put something valuable in your pocket just to have it fall out after taking a few steps.

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