McQueen Fashion for your Nails

All beautiful things can inspire an artist to recreate beauty and express it on a variety of canvases. The nail happens to be just one of them! A gorgeous dress drenched in a brilliant red; inspired by bees and designed by the famed fashion designer Alexander McQueen; roused the creativity in Miss Ladyfinger  to create a nail art based on the dress design! Here we will learn how to get this unique look.

You will need:
– a base coat;
– a top coat;
– red nail polish;
– black nail polish;
– nail art brush;
– a stick or something to make dots.

Mc Queen Fashion for your Nails

Let’s begin:
1. Apply the base coat to prepare your nails and allow to dry.
2. Now, carefully apply red nail paint to the top end of your nail such that you make partial heart and the base of the nail is left visible.
3. Using the stick, dip it in black nail polish and make twin dots randomly on the nail.
4. Outline the curve of the ‘heart’ with the black nail paint using a nail art brush.
5. You may also add a couple of lines to the sides to make it resemble the dress even more.

So, now you can literally go ahead and carry around Alexander McQueen fashion on your fingertips!

Keep being AllDayChic!

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