Make a Studded T-shirt – DIY

Studded T-shirt - DIY

Turn a basic summer t-shirt into a chic studded one in no time with just a few tools. You can do this in about 20 minutes and if you don’t have a large t-shirt at home you can take one from your boyfriend or father. This is also an awesome gift for a friends birthday, who doesn’t want unique and personalized gifts?

What you will need:
– t-shirt;
– studs;
– ruler;
– chalk;
– scissors.

1. Take the ruler and the chalk and mark the areas where you’ll make the cuts. The lines will start somewhere under the neckline of the t-shirt up to the shoulder (you can see the picture with red lines, you will make 10).
2. Cut with the scissors on the lines.
3. Take the studs and start doing the model. Start from left to right, gather the first piece with the third one and fix in the middle with a stud. Then take the fourth and the sixth piece and do the same. You can use different models of studs as you wish.
4. Gather all the pieces together like in the model from the pictures.
5. Now, go down to the sides of the t-shirt and make a vertical cut on the side you wish (pick one) then make a knot and you are done.
6. You can leave your sleeves the classic way or you can bend them to make them shorter.

Studded T-shirt - DIY (2)


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  1. Awesome!!This is creative way to spice up a regular tank top or t-shirt with a personalized message or unique design.A personalized gift is a great gift giving option for anyone and I think such surprise says a lot more.Thanks for sharing I would love to truly try this out.

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