Hem Your Jeans Fast and Easy – DIY

Hem Your Jeans Fast and Easy - DIY
Looking for a great way to hem up your jeans and in the same time keep the original hem for a better look? If yes, you are in the right spot because we will reveal to you how you can do that. Check out the directions and the video below.
You will need:
– jeans;
– scissors;
– pins;
– fray check;
– iron;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Start by taking your jeans and roll them up to the desired length. With the help of the pins, mark the fold you made before. Roll your jeans down, see where the mark is, put your finger on that place and take the pin out. Be sure that the original hem is just above the mark(your finger) and pin the hem into the jeans. Now, with the help of more pins, pin around and make sure that the sides are perfectly aligned. With the help of the sewing machine or if you don’t have one with the help of your fingers start stitching around the hem. Cut of the extra material close to the stitch you have just sow. Apply fray check to the ends of the material you have just cut to prevent fraying. Do the same for the other leg and in the end iron your jeans. Very easy and simple way to do this on your own. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: doityourselfdivas.

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  1. Thanks for the ‘Taking up your jeans ‘ tips….. I have never seen it done this way before… 🙂

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