Elegant Beaded Collar Necklace – DIY

Elegant Beaded Collar Necklace – DIY

This DIY necklace idea gives you the possibility to personalize your jewelry pieces with whatever you like, making a special necklace that will no one else have.

You will need:
– beads;
– a piece of felt;
– cardboard;
– glue or needle and thread;
– pins;
– pencil;
– ribbon;
– scissors
– 2 chains and lobster claw clasp.

Directions: Draw the shape of the necklace  on the cardboard to make the pattern, then cut it out and fix it with pins on the felt piece. Cut out the base for the necklace following the cardboard’s shape. Place the beads on the felt (until you start sewing or gluing) and take a picture because this image will be very helpful for you to see where to sew each bead. Now, fix the beads with glue or sew them. Make a cute bow from the ribbon and attach it to the necklace (you can use a safety pin). If you choose to wear it as a collar, you will have to sew it on the shirt. Otherwise, attach 2 chains and a lobster claw clasp and wear it as a necklace. Enjoy!

elegant beaded collar necklace Photo courtesy: liveinternet.

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