Easy Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

One of the most popular and efficient ingredients in fighting cellulite is coffee. It is used in lots of lotions, shower gels and soaps especially designed for you to forget about this stressful and unaesthetic condition. Used together with powerful essential oils, it can make miracles!

We will present you a simple and very efficient procedure to get rid of cellulite that will give results in a short period of time, the frequency for applying this will be every 3-4 days so it is very comfortable for you. If you are fighting with it, you probably know how difficult it is to say goodbye to cellulite, but not impossible!

You have to be persistent and understand that a problem like this cannot be cured overnight, so try this method and in a while you will love the results! Together with this method we will give you some extra advice on what you should be eating and doing this period and also other things that you can do to help you get rid of cellulite faster.

You will need:

For basic mixture:

coffee (it is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates circulation);
Epsom salt;
anti-cellulite oil (try to find a decent brand with less chemicals) or coconut oil;
– some plastic wraps.

After coffee treatment:

grapefruit essential oil (eliminates toxins, has a toning effect and also helps with losing weight);
lavender essential oil (great for stretch marks, tones and revitalizes skin);
lemon essential oil (stimulates circulatory system and strengthens vascular tissues);
orange essential oil (relieves fluid retention, softens the epidermis and stimulates blood circulation and lymph fluids);
cypress essential oil (improves circulation and strengthens blood capillaries);
rosemary essential oil (detoxifies the liver and tones the skin);
a carrier oil like: olive oil or sunflower oil (this will be used in combination with the rest of oils, because all essential oils applied on skin without being diluted can cause irritations and skin sensitivity).


1. Make a strong coffee and put it into a bowl (have more coffee grounds and less water), then add some salt to it.
2. Wait until the salt dissolves and add some anti-cellulite oil or coconut oil to the mixture (make it homogeneous, you don’t want it very watery, it has to have a creamy consistency, more like a paste).
3. Take the mixture and rub it to the parts of you that need it by using circular motions. Apply a little pressure on the legs while doing this.
4. Take the plastic wraps and wrap the area letting it sit this way for at least half an hour, then you can unwrap.
5. Clean yourself in the shower then you will apply the essential oils with the carrier oil.
6. Make a mixture of equal parts of the essential oils (think about how much you would need depending on the area affected) and a carrier oil.  As a rule,  for every 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, you’ll want no more than 9 drops of essential oils. For example, because we have 6 essential oils in the recipe, you can use 3 drops of each one and you will need 2 tablespoons of carrier oil.
7. Apply the oil on the affected area and massage until it is absorbed in the skin, you will start feeling small differences from the first time applying this method!

All the ingredients and oils will be absorbed by the skin and slowly work in fighting cellulite. In a couple of weeks you will see amazing results, your skin will be shinier, will feel softer and the cellulite will be visibly reduced! This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, so please be careful! Also, if not used the right way, some oils can do damage and cause irritations!

Easy Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

Other things you can do in this period that can help you get rid of cellulite faster and are really important:

Eat HealthyDiet is an important part of any treatment you will make, because even if you try out our method, if you keep eating unhealthy foods, it won’t work. Imagine building a house everyday, brick by brick and by night someone(that is you) comes and destroys what you have built in the previous day. This is what you would do if you would keep eating unhealthy foods and try our treatment in the same time, it is called self sabotage.

We know it is not your fault, when you look around there are too many unhealthy choices and it is hard to keep a healthy life, especially if you are busy, but it is not impossible. Ditch fast food meals, processed foods, foods high in fat, white bread and pasta. Introduce more vegetables and fruits in your diet and you will be thankful for this for a lifetime.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is extremely important in the process as it helps flushing the toxins out. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day! Water will also keep your skin hydrated!


It is an important part in any transformation of the body. Exercise will help you tone the muscles and burn the fat faster. It is important to do it regularly so you increase your heart rate and improve the circulation. In the below video you will find some exercises that you can try at home or anywhere:

Get massages

Massages are a great way to improve circulation of the affected area. It is known that cellulite is also caused by poor circulation so that means you have to do things that help you improve it which is exercise and massages. You can massage yourself at home with a special brush or you can opt for going to a salon where someone will massage you. Anti-cellulite massages are quite painful, we know that because we have tried them and they do give results. Why they are painful? Because during the process, the main purpose is to break down the fat cells and for that strong massages are required. If you want to improve your circulation at home, what you can do is to buy a cellulite brush and each time you have a shower, for 5 minutes massage the skin with the brush in circular motions, this will also tone the skin and make it smooth.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is really important in your general well being. Your body functions better when you are having proper sleep everyday and you feel more energized. When your body functions normally it will have a tendency to eliminate toxins better and absorb nutrients better from food.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Women with high estrogen levels tend to store more fat and have problems with cellulite. Everyday stress can cause big hormonal imbalances in the body so managing that will help you find your inner peace and balance so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life.
We hope you will enjoy the process and the results you will see when you’ll be cellulite free!

Photo courtesy: cellulite-reduction, vk.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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        1. Body wraps have a detoxifying effect on the body, so a wrap can be harmful to the fetus. It can also be harmful to your baby if you’re breastfeeding, due to toxins being released into the breast milk. I always recommend waiting until your baby is at least 6 months old (12mo is better), and only wrapping one part of your body at a time, to minimize the detox.

    1. I’m trying this method now. It’s a bit messy But I’m willing to try it out. Can I reuse the remaining mixture or do I have to use new mixture each time?

    1. If you do this procedure twice a week, after 2 weeks you should start seeing results. But this also depends on how deep is the problem, if it is on a surface level then you will see the results as we said, if the problem is deeper might take longer.

    1. You just rinse with water if you feel you have residues, nothing else and the results can be seen after 2 weeks if you do this twice a week.

    1. You can use the following measurements: half cup of coffee, half cup of cellulite oil, quarter cup of Epsom salt. For the oil mix, you can use as many drops as you want in equal proportions. So if you are skinnier, you can use for example 6 drops from each one, if you think you need more oil, then you can raise the quantity, it depends on your body. Hope this helped you!

    1. You can use Epsom Salt, it is the best. If it turns out that you don’t have some at home, then you can use regular salt for a few times, until you get Epsom salt.

  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that it is a bad idea to tell people to use as much oil as they need. Don’t want them to think that if they feel fat they should use a ton of essential oils. Grapefruit especially has to be used cautiously, because it can be toxic and burn. Grapefruit oil will also make your skin sensative to sunlight.

    1. We don’t consider it is a bad thing to tell someone to use as much as they need, each one knows it’s body and with this we didn’t wanted to offend anyone. There are people who have naturally a bigger body mass, and some who have a smaller one. For this reason making not enough mix of oils can not give the same results as making the right amount which covers all the areas where it is necessary. And if you think, everything we use has something beneficial for us and something not so beneficial, it depends again, how the body reacts to it. There are more advantages to use grapefruit oil, then disadvantages and you can find it out by doing a google search on the subject. We respect your point of view and thank you for commenting!

    1. It tells you to work out so I’m sure if you do what your suppose to it actually would work as they claim.

      1. People need to read the article. It clearly states ALL ingredients and the correct ratio of Education oils to carrier oil. Wasting time asking questions that are answered by reading the article and directions.
        Thank you for your advice on how to use this method. Your time is appreciated by most. This is obviously just a way for people to try what you have. I would hope everyone would research the oils if they aren’t familiar with them and make their own educated decision, ya know like responsible adults 😉
        Thanks again. I will update you on my progress.

  2. Just a side note. If you let the salt dissolve, it won’t look grainy like the picture. It threw me for a minute. Trying mine today!

    1. Yes, you also use the coffee grinds because they help stimulating circulation and help with exfoliation of the skin ( and as you can see in the pictures, the mixture used has also coffee grinds).

      Epsom Salt won’t make the mixture thick, the anti cellulite oil mixed with the coffee and salt will give a slight thickness to the mixture, but it won’t be creamy.

    1. One of the biggest enemies of cellulite is caffeine which is why it is so efficient in beauty treatments. Caffeine provides antioxidants to the skin and when applied religiously it reduces the appearance of cellulite after a set period of time (depends how often it is used and how deep is the problem), but no question it is one of the most efficient ingredients used in treating the problem.

  3. Were you working out while doing this treatment?
    Did the citrus oils burn your skin after the rub?
    How long would you say that it took you (or the person who did this) to look like the picture to the right?


    1. If you respect the quantities, problems shouldn’t appear. Although, if you are a sensitive person and you have allergy to some of the ingredients, if you feel that the solution is unusually burning you then wash it of.

      How fast you will get the results it depends on the problem, there is no set time that is the same for everyone.

  4. Hello, sorry to bother you on this fine night, but I am going away in two weeks and really wanted to impress someone so I thought that this recipe will work very well but the only problem is that I don’t have any of the essential oils needed to proform this recipe. I don’t really have them available (ever). So my question is can you still do this with just the Epsom salt and coffee? Also if the awnsered is yes than is there other more hand oils I could use in place of the oils like for example olive oil?

    1. Olive oil will hydrate and nourish your skin, but nothing else. Even if you do not have the essential oils available, the caffeine in coffee will still be powerful enough to help with the problem. It is true that will take you more time for the same results, but it definitely will work slowly.

  5. im going to try this starting tomorrow 04/06/15 and I will be back in two weeks to let people know how well this really works

    1. Not really, it is better if you make it fresh and if you want to make a larger quantity then you can … for about 2 applications and use the second one within 2-3 days.

  6. I might try this just wanted to know if this works and get rid of the cellulite do I still have to continue this process to keep the cellulite away or once it’s gone it’s gone

    1. Cellulite can reappear from various reasons: no exercise, bad diet, health problems. If you won’t be more careful to these aspects, of course it can reappear, so it is up to you.

  7. Hi I’m only 15 but I saw this on Pinterest and thought hey why don’t I give this a try because my doctor said I was a little over weight and I have a lot of fat I need to get rid of so I can start wearing my shorts again

  8. Thank you for sharing and I’m willing to try it out. I’m sure it won’t hurt and you introduced some really good ideas to an old problem we all share.

    1. Well, you just take a small pot, put one cup of water in it and bring it to boil. After it started boiling, add the coffee grounds to it (a few tablespoons depending on the amount of water used). Remember, the coffee has to be strong so basically the answer for your question is to make coffee dense and strong put more coffee grounds in the boiling water.

  9. i was just wondering , apart from the reducing the cellulite part… can the essential oil mixture be used on other parts of the body for a more radiant skin???

    1. For a more radiant skin try something else, this specific combination is designed to “burn” a little bit and help with reducing cellulite, not indicated for other reasons.

  10. Hi! I’m doing the shopping for all that stuff. What’s the difference between epsom salt food grade and the medical grade ? Which one it’s better ? Many thanks.

  11. Heads up you can not get rid of cellulite. You can diminish the appearance of it. But unless you get a skin transplant and cellulite “taken out” it won’t work.

  12. I don’t think it’s the coffee that removes the cellulite, bcus it added the cellulite oil, I knew for fact all kind of good essential oil or organic oil it helps our skins. this is not true what it shows in picture ..

  13. Hi All ! Well being a beauty therapist I believe this can work… All the things used in this reciepe can be found in a lot of products used by professionals ! For those who have tried and say it doesn’t work … I suggest deep massage will help to obtain the results ! So I say bravo to the lovely person who took time giving out this brilliant information and I will be trying it myself shortly 😉

  14. You can buy Epsom Salt at any Walmart store that is already mixed in a few different ways. .. some are mixed with Green Tea & camomile, some with Lavender, etc. The process for a large bag are just under $5. My husband and I LOVE them!

    ***It is very very important that every person use caution when mixing any of these essential oils, as to not cause any skin irritations. ALWAYS THOROUGHLY READ EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION ON EACH PRODUCT BEFORE YOU APPLY TO YOUR SKIN***

    Can you use this method one time every day? OR, can you use it once every other day?
    Or is 2 times/week the MAXIMUM amount of use per week recommended?

  15. Did you use the anti-cellulite oil or coconut oil? I know you said you could use either, just curious which one you used/preferred. Did you try both personally?

    1. Hi, carrier oil is a base oil which is coconut oil, or grape seed oil. Their pretty much base oils to use in concoction ingredients.

  16. Can you mix all the oils up and put it into a container and leave it for later or it has to be done each time after you wrap your body

  17. I have used essential oils for a while to treat cellulite and they do work. I am trying this coffee recipe and sure it will help thank you for the information

  18. Hello I just wanted to find out where can I purchase essential oils ? Whole Foods or anybody have any idea?

  19. Thanks so much for the recipe and explaining exactly how to use the DIY product!!!! I find the older I get, the more I’m appreciating the old fashion home remedies like Mama did😜

  20. Yes I want to get this cellulite off my arms and thights where can I get these oils and just go buy any kind of coffee

    1. Hi I am trying this tonight and I have my hopes on it 🙂 can I use juniper berry essential oil instead of cypress essential oil. Also do you wrap the legs while you have the coffee on it or while you have the essential oils? Thanks

  21. Due to a medication I must take for the rest of my life, I am not to use or eat grapefruit (oil). If leaving grapefruit oil out of the equation, will I still see decent results?

  22. Thank you, ADC, for the answer to my first question. I’m waiting for my DoTerra orange and cypress essential oils to arrive (I’m a DoTerra consultant, if anyone is interested in mail order oils… ) In the meantime, I am on my second treatment of my first week. Aside from the procedure being a bit messy, the part I have the most trouble with is the plastic wrap. Is it absolutely necessary to wrap?

  23. All I have to say is Bravo to ADC on your payience for responding to questions that pardon me, but all the answers where clearly in the article…It’s like most of them didn’t read it and looked at the images ‘~’

    Can’t wait to start this, I’m sure it’ll work…

    Spécial regards from Québec, Canada,


  24. I am trying this procedure for cellulite reduction and I am hopeful for it to work. I have a silly question… in your very clear instructions it appears that you wrap your legs with the coffee mixture on them…. but in your pics you do. It have the coffee mixture on them. So. Is it correct to wrap you right legs WITH the coffee mixture on them. Just thought I should ask… I want to do it the right way. Thanks

    1. It is more efficient to wrap your legs with the mixture on them, but after you scrub. There are women who skip this step and do only the scrubbing part. The picture shows the procedure of wrapping but thanks to your question I realize that it should have been taken with the coffee mixture on. Thank you!

  25. hi, can I use lemongrass instead of lemon oil? And I buy a Nivea Body Oil for stretch marks, Can I use that and mix it with the others oils?
    Also I can´t find epson salts…can I skip that part?
    Thank you for your help

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