Pink and gold is such a beautiful color combination and for sure if you love bright colors you will enjoy this tutorial we have for you. If you are tired of classic mono color nails, or other patterns, the swirl nail design is something that you can definitely try, unusual and uncommon and in the same time with a good taste. In this tutorial you will see that the color combination we used, go very well together, but if you decide you want to replace them, it is not a problem, the technique is the same no matter the colors you use. A little patience and time is required here and you will see why we say that.

Swirl Nails Tutorial

What you will need:
– pink and gold nail polishes;
– a toothpick;
– a plastic bag or a plastic surface (saran wrap);
– base coat and top coat.

1. Prepare the polishes and the toothpick and about 15×15 cm plastic wrap on a hard surface. If you think it will move, you can duct tape the end of it.
2. Put a dab of pink polish and a dab of gold polish over the pink one and mix them with the toothpick, make some swirls. The two mixed together should be similar to the size of your nails.
3. Leave them to dry for a while, about an hour or two, or even overnight.
4. Take the toothpick again and start detaching the polish from the plastic wrap, but not before you apply a layer of base coat on the nail. Apply a layer of base coat then, apply the dried polish, repeat this for all of your nails!
5. Cut down any excess polish so it looks like it is the perfect fit for your nail. If some shapes are too small, you can correct the empty spaces with the base polish.
6. Before finishing, apply a layer of top coat on each and every nail, so you are sure they will last a lot!

Photo courtesy: thetreasurechestt.

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