Creative Chain And Rope Bracelets – DIY Tutorials

Chain bracelets are loved and adored by a lot of girls nowadays, but mostly they are all the same and this creates a desire in girls to look different. We have a few projects for you that will show you how to make chain bracelets more attractive and good looking. Besides these you can make several ones for different outfits you have, depending on what colors you would like to wear and if you have more time and want to surprise a friend, make some for them too. Bracelets are cool accessories especially in summer and if you have a simple, plain outfit they can be the pop of color that takes you out from anonymity.

Creative Chain And Rope Bracelets - DIY Tutorials

You will see in our article several bracelet designs, but to make most of them you will need the following: golden or silver chain bracelets, some colored ropes (either from leather or from textile), a few bobby pins, scissors and some clasps for the bracelets that don’t have any or instead of normal clasps you can use cute buttons.

Usually, you will start working with the chain bracelet, then you will make some knots along it with the ropes, the design will look amazing and it doesn’t matter which ones from down below you will choose to make. You will take the rope and insert it in the holes of the chain and for each one there is a different technique you can see in the pictures. To finish it you will make big knots at both ends of the bracelet and if you choose to close your bracelet with a button, attach it to one end, and make a loop at the other end and you can insert the button into the loop and there you have it, the bracelet is secured. Tell us which one is your favorite!


Photo courtesy:, yesmissy.

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