Comic Book Shoes – DIY

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Be creative and give a funny allure to your shoes, using comic books. Now, the favorite super heroes can ”come to life” through your shoes. The time frame in making the procedure depends on how determined you are.

You will need:
– smooth shoes;
– Mod Podge;
– paintbrush;
– comic book;
– scissors.

Directions: Cut out a few comics from your book into jagged, odd pieces. Establish where you want to place them on the shoes and use Mod Podge and a paint brush to stick. Put a layer of Mod Podge also over each piece of comic after you stick it on the shoe. At final, apply 3 more layers (letting each layer dry before starting the next). Note: Mod Podge acts as both the glue to stick the comic pieces to the shoes and the varnish to go on after. Have fun!

Comic Book Shoes - DIY

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  1. These are so fun! I can’t wait to show my daughter so we can make a pair for her together ( a mommy-daughter project). Pinning now.

  2. My only problem with these was that the pictures got super stiff so when I wear the shoes they just crack off.. Do I need different Mod Podge? I use the brand shown

  3. Hello there: you might want to try applying comics from sheets/fabric which will not crackle like paper and lasts a lot longer, even from flannel material.

    1. On canvas shoes use fabric and the fabric mod podge! I’ve done it to about 5 pairs of vans and it’s so cute!!

  4. Could you then resell something like this when you are done with them, or would that be infringing on copyright/trademarks?

  5. is the modge podge waterproof? I am thinking of making these for my sister but I don’t want to do through the trouble just for her to be outside in the rain one day and her shoes be destroyed. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Mod Podge is acrylic and waterbase and these mean that it’s not totally waterproof. There exists Mod Podge Outdoor but is only highly water-resistant. If you want to make them waterproof, you can use a clear outdoor (or Enamel) acrylic sealer at the end of the project.

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