The Sophistication of White

White is a symbol of purity and peace. But in the fashion world, white is associated with elegance, class, prosperity and sophistication!  And yes, there are numerous shades to white itself, each having its own charm. Working in some bits of shades of white in your ensemble, or going in for an all-white look can be challenging, but here are some ways to look dapper in white! 969212_382995748477719_555431946_n

Club an off-white blazer with a white lace shirt, put on satin off-white pants and white heels. Wear a string of white pearls and pull up your hair for maximum effect! Or you could even try wearing a simple white bodycon dress paired with white gladiator sandals and loose hair for a chic casual statement.

White also looks mesmerizing with neutral metallic colours, like gold and silver. A simple white flowing dress can look magnificent when paired with subtle understated jewellery and accessories in gold. A high-end beach look can be created simply by putting on a well fitted white knee-length dress and a necklace of sea-shells! You could also go in for a contrast in the accessories by wearing a plain white dress along with colour pop heels and clutch!

An outfit in white can be an ultimate style statement by choosing the right attire, occasion and accessories!

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