Blackheads Removing Mask

Blackheads are those nasty little things we all hate to have and try to remove as quickly as possible in order to enjoy a beautiful face and skin. There are several methods you can use to get rid of blackheads and you will find here one of the most efficient so far. A few ingredients mixed and some time for beauty treatments will resolve this problem of blackheads. The method consists in applying a mask that will “catch” the blackheads and will pull them out when removing it. You can use masks as PILATEN or LEONIE (see first picture) or you can make a natural homemade mask by following the steps below.

Blackheads Removing Mask

What you will need (for homemade mask):
– 1 tbsp. unflavoured gelatin;
– 2-3 tbsp. milk;
– spoon;
– a small bowl;
– a makeup brush.

1. Take the gelatin and put it into the bowl then pour the milk over it.
2. With a small spoon, mix the ingredients well then put them into the microwave for about 15 seconds. This will make the milk and gelatin to blend in one omogen composition and it will make it sticky.
3. Take it out, test how warm it is because you don’t want to burn yourself and apply the composition to your face as soon as possible with the help of the makeup brush.
4. Let it dry then gently peel it off.


You will have to be careful to avoid applying this to sensitive areas or on your eyebrows, it is very sticky and really effective, you don’t want hair from the eyebrows to come off while you are doing this process.

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  1. i have been suffering with blackheads in my nose for year make my nose much darker then the rest of my face. I decided to give the unflavored gelatin and milk a try I followed the recipe to the letter and it really do work.A Big Thank You to who ever put it out there

  2. I have tried to get rid of the blackhead on the tip of my nose for years I decided to try this recipe today oh my God it really works it remove all the blackhead off the tip of my nose. This is the best recipe I ever try thanks to whoever put it out there.

    1. They sell it at most stores. If you use flavored jello the dye will stain your face. I found some at my local Freddie’s

    2. Unflavored gelatin is available in any store, most likely in the “canning” area. If you are looking in the Jello area, you probably won’t find it. Look for where they stock the canning (Mason) jars, paraffin, pecten, and other things used to can.

  3. Total crap and unless you shave your face first, painful crap! Face feels somewhat clean but not a single black head gone… Did I mention it’s painful ? I have blackheads right at the surface due to my compulsive need to expel them and this didn’t touch anything other than ripping out a lot of tiny hairs all over your face…. I had such high hopes for this….

      1. Hi! The black mask is not the homemade one. It is available in stores. The white mask is for preparing at home. Please check out the full text! Thanks!

  4. So itchy! I am dying right now! How do you go 15 minutes?!
    It totally works though.

    I would add though that you don’t need the full recipe unless you are doing your entire face. I would also only go 10 seconds.

  5. I loved this diy black head face mask , it is so cheap and easy to do . I finally got to try it today and it works great . it also helps after you use the mask to exfoliate . my skin has a glow that I haven’t seen I’m years . thank you

  6. It smells bad! It itches. But it works. The smell
    Bothered me so bad I’ll never do it again no matter how well it worked.

  7. I did this on my daughter’s nose after opening the pores with steam and it worked like magic pulling every blackhead out. Thank you!

  8. What is the greatest difference between using this great product and the ones you can get at the store? I used the ones at the store and they seemed to have done a great job removing my black heads

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