Black And Turquoise Creative Nail Art

Black and Turquoise is a very much loved color combination for manicures of all kinds. If you feel like you want to try out something different on your nails by using these two colors, stay with us. For this tutorial you will use some water, basically you will use a similar technique as to make marble nails. Don’t let classic manicures to bore you, instead try out this!

Black And Turquoise Creative Nail Art (2)

What you will need:
– black and turquoise nail polish;
– some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle;
– some Vaseline and a few q-tips;
– top coat;
– a small container with some water in it.
– one napkin;
– a wooden stick to remove the black polish from skin.

1. Paint your nails in turquoise and let the polish dry very well.
2. Take the black polish and put a few drops of it in the container with water.
3. Spray some rubbing alcohol over the nail polish.
4. Put some Vaseline around the nail, so when you insert the finger into the water the polish doesn’t stick to the skin or if it does at least it’s easier to remove it.
5. Stick your finger into the water so the black will attach to the nail.
6. Take the stick and start removing the polish from skin.
7. Add a layer of top coat on the nail and let it dry.
8. Repeat this process to all of your nails and you will enjoy amazingly creative nails!

Black And Turquoise Creative Nail Art

Photo courtesy: nailpopllc.

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