Yarn Factory Equals Comfy Loft

When it comes to housing and its design you can only rely on one’s exquisite tastes and unique ideas in home transformations. It can be lively, boring or loud. You never know what to expect especially when you want to transform a once abandoned home or factory into a modern and contemporary place to live in unless, of course, you choose to use what you’ve got to design and renovate it to your likes and desires.
You can choose to strip it completely and make something new and different or try to retain some aspects of its original look for nostalgic purposes. As much as everyone has different tastes sometimes the best can only be seen for what it is. Take for example this loft which was once a yarn factory in Berlin. The once spinning factory was designed by BERLINRODEO interior concepts and now is the home of two top designers in Berlin who decided to make something good out of what was long forgotten and abandoned.
They chose to use different ideas and incorporate some aspects of the old building into the design and alteration of this modern living space for themselves. For instance, the wooden floor boards with woolen carpets and tree-like hangers in the bathrooms are some of the retained aspects of what a long abandoned yarn factory is mostly surrounded with. Everything about this loft is inspiring and creatively unique, even the artworks on the wall are strategically placed to complement the other aspect of the room.
It is obvious that they were inspired by the wool spinning factory and its surroundings.
The inspiration is all there from the wooden floors, wall coloring, furniture selection and even the room setting which has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Every part of the loft is well co-ordinated with a mix of different mild colors which are not boring or screamy but just perfect.
The loft has an open space which makes it bigger and easy to move around with a very unique half translucent wall separating the living and dining area from the bedroom.
It is one of those living spaces where you can have a party and at the same time revamp it into a gallery the next minute, versatility and creativity is its strong suits. Moreover, the flowers, plants and trees in the house also complement well with the beige walls. It is quite breathtaking and beautiful.

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