Woven Coasters – DIY

Woven Coasters - DIY

Today we wish to share with you a DIY project that will help those of you that really love the furniture and hate it when a friend or a member of the family sits down a mug with hot tea or the beer bottle directly on your wooden table, but also for those of you that just have some spear time and wish to spend it in a pleasant way while making something cute that will bring a plus to your house design. Check out the directions and the video below to see the procedure.

You will need:
– yarn;
– yarn needle;
– string;
– ruler
– 5”x41/4” cardboard.

Directions: Take the cardboard and draw a line at ¼ inch distance from the short edge of it, now at a distance of ½” cut slots for the string. Do the same on the opposite edge of the cardboard. Take the string and pass it through every slot from one edge to the other until all slots are full. Now, start from one side of the strings and pull the colored yarn perpendicularly in waves: over-under-over-under and so on, until you get on the other side of the cardboard, then return with the waves back, but oposite to the previous one. Do not pull too hard on the strands for your coaster will be curling in the end.
Change the yarn color at ever 5 or 6 rows done, make sure you tie the yarns one of the other at the ends/where you decide to change color. When you get to the bottom of the cardboard, turn it over and cut the strings that pass through the slots, so you can get rid of the cardboard and enjoy your coaster.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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