15 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman

One of the surprises for some pregnant women is other people sometimes say things to them that are rude or condescending. It’s always a wise policy to use care in the things we say to pregnant women.

If you’re curious about some of the worst things you can say to a pregnant woman, please keep reading. And be sure to share this with family and friends, so they know!

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1. “Wow, You’re Huge!”

And you’re bald! One would think that people would understand you shouldn’t tell someone they look like a blimp. But even when a woman is pregnant, she’s still a woman who might not want to hear this.

Generally, don’t comment about anyone’s size, pregnant or not.

2. “Do You Want a Boy or Girl?”

Most parents just want a healthy baby. Also, this is intrusive, so probably keep this to yourself.

3. “When I Was Pregnant…”

But you aren’t pregnant; she’s pregnant. Most women experience pregnancy like they’re the only ones who were ever pregnant. They may not want to hear about your hemorrhoids or your 50-lb weight gain.

4. “Make Sure You Don’t Eat or Drink Too Much When You’re Pregnant.”

Make sure you don’t tell a pregnant woman what to do and don’t suggest that she’s overeating.

5. “Elephants Are Pregnant For Two Years.”

Don’t say this to her in the ninth month when she’d give her house to have the ordeal over.

6. “Do You Want To Breast Feed?”

Do you want to have your tubes tied? She appreciates your interest, but this is personal information she might not like to share with the general public!

7. “Are You Going to Quit Working?”

We aren’t in 1955 anymore. Most women still work after they have a baby. In any case, you’re getting too personal.

8. “Your Life Will Be Over Soon.”

Thanks so much for pointing out the many benefits of having children! If she was tired of being pregnant, this is probably the clincher.

9. “Are You Going to Have an Epidural?”

What is it about someone being pregnant that they need to give you their personal healthcare information? You don’t ask someone if they’re going to have a general anesthetic for their colonoscopy.

10. “Labor Is Horrible.”

This information is excellent to know. We’re sure she’s not about to experience it or anything. Nor has she spent months thinking about it.

11. “Aren’t You Too Young or Old To Have a Baby?”

Women can have babies from their teens into their 50s. That covers a lot of ground.

12. “You Don’t Even Look Pregnant!”

You’ll never go far wrong by not commenting on someone’s size or shape, especially when she’s expecting.

13. “Can I Touch Your Belly?”

No. Probably leave this transaction to her partner.

14. “Did You Plan It?”

Most women don’t want to share whether it was planned or an accident. TMI!

There also is the possibility that she isn’t pregnant; it’s possible her baby passed and still looks pregnant.

15. “You Look Sick!”

Women often get sick when they’re pregnant and know they might not look their best at all times. Please, don’t remind her. Trust us – she knows!

Pregnancy Discrimination Laws

Usually, saying rude or intrusive things to women isn’t a legal matter. But if someone says something at work that is out of bounds, it’s good to know about pregnancy discrimination.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 established that it’s illegal in the United States for a business or other entity to treat you unfavorably because of pregnancy or childbirth. It’s wise to consult a discrimination attorney if you think this has happened to you.

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