Wonderful Vacation In Desroches Island, Seychelles


As the waves touch your toes and carry a part of your soul to mingle with the ocean, all you want to do is look towards the horizon and feel the serenity all around. This is just one of the many experiences waiting to caress your spirit that you can find on Desroches Island!

Situated a little off Seychelles, Desroches is a private island that is named as a ‘paradise’ by those who visit it. A green speck of land set in a limitless span of blue, this island resort has all that you could ever need for a rejuvenating getaway! Excellent hospitality by the well trained staff is the icing on the cake and makes the stay even more enticing!


Generously provided with plush lodging and luxurious facilities, the island and its vicinity are brimming with cheerful marine life. Whether a couple on a honeymoon, a family that needs quality time together, a group of friends in search of a marine adventure or a solo traveler seeking spiritual nirvana; Desroches Island has all that it takes to make a vacation truly unforgettable!

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