Winter Beauty Mistakes That You Need to Know (and Avoid!)

Winter is definitely not the most loved season by some of us, especially if you’re a beauty enthusiast. As the temperature drops, our skin experience changes too; and this is why you need to be alert of winter beauty mistakes that you might have made. Read the list below and see what you can do to stay gorgeous even if it’s freezing cold outside.

1. Taking too long in the shower

The hot-water shower may be too good to be left behind. And we understand, it’s too cold outside! But the longer time you spend there, the heat can compromise your skin’s moisture, and you’d be left with drier, flaky skin. The fix? Limit your hot bath to 15 minutes max, or turn down the heat.

Foto: telecomorgs.
Foto: telecomorgs

2. Using wrong cleansing products

Swap your soap-based facial cleansers for a non-foaming cleanser this winter. Drying soap, just like hot water but worse, can damage your lipid barrier and leave your skin dry.

Foto: soapsale
Foto: soapsale

3. Applying wrong makeup products

Not just your cleanser, your makeup products can also greatly affect your skin condition. For example, before applying foundation, make sure you exfoliate regularly before applying moisturizing foundation with dewy finish. For your lips, avoid heavily scented or flavored lip balms; thick, lanolin-free lip balms are way better. Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you have to use dark lipsticks, you can experiment with bright-colored lipstick with sheer formula. Frosted eye shadow is also not the right product for winter, so try metallic periwinkle blue and bronze shades instead.
Oh, and even if you want to keep your summer tan alive, ”overbronzing” is a big no-no. Get body lotions with self-tanning ingredient, instead of going all out with bronzer. Your summer bronzer belongs to summer, so buy a bronzer that’s only a shade darker than your skin tone. Blend it around the cheeks and finish it with pink blusher.

Foto: sassystreet
Foto: sassystreet

4. Not using sunscreen

It’s cold outside, but it doesn’t mean the sun is taking winter break. Fun fact, do you know that not applying sunscreen during winter means you expose yourself to sun rays for 7,800 minutes; with the assumption you’re out for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week? So, make sure you apply daytime moisturizer with at least 30 SPF.

Foto: nadianerea
Foto: nadianerea

5. Not caring after your hands

Two things you need to do: wear gloves and apply hand cream! Stay away from instant hand sanitizer, and opt for lukewarm water and enough soap. Thank us; we’re saving you from cracked fingertips and peeling nails this winter.

Foto: butidohavealawdegree
Foto: butidohavealawdegree

6. Not caring after your feet

Your feet is just as important as your hands; so make efforts to keep them moisturized at all times! Get a pedicure once every four-six weeks, but even if you don’t have the means to; just soak your feet in warm, soapy water for around 15 minutes, use foot file to buff your soles afterward, and apply ointment before wearing cotton socks as you go to bed.


7. Not using hats or using it wrongly

Wearing a hat during winter is a great way to boost your style, but be careful so you don’t ruin your hair underneath! First, make sure your hair is all dried before tucking it on your hat. Longer hair should be gathered into a loop. Shoulder-length hair or longer can be parted on the opposite side from where you normally do, and flipped it back after you put off your hat. Shorter hair requires styling cream or water; run them over and under the roots with your fingers.

8. Not using waterproof makeup

Yup, that’s one thing you might’ve done wrong. Waterproof your makeup even during winter, ladies!

Foto: wonderwardrobes
Foto: wonderwardrobes

9. Your hair color

Wrong hair color can affect your complexion and skin tone, so a slight hair color change may be necessary. The tips? Blonds need to go more golden and less beige, light brunettes need to go darker, and if your hair is red, go for a copper or deep auburn tone hair.

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