What to Wear And NOT Wear In Summer

Have you ever wondered what is appropriate to wear in summer and what is not? Have you ever seen someone in an outfit you thought is definitely great for autumn but not for summer or an outfit that shows a little too much skin even for the hottest season? If yes, you will find out why you felt that way. Some clothing items with specific fabrics and colors are not for summer even if they seem to be. There are people who think summer means showing as much skin as possible or hiding too much skin and that is wrong. In the list below you will find 11 outfits that are wrong for the summer and we will explain you why. If you were making these mistakes it is time to correct them, follow the 12 golden advices and look stunning this season!

1. Loungewear is for the house.
That is why it is called loungewear, it is meant to be worn in the house, it is comfortable, breezy and light. Avoid loungewear pants at special events, you don’t want to look like you are in your pj’s.

What to Wear And NOT Wear In Summer

2. Neon can be classy if the fabric is not see-through.
Any neon color is great for summer, but when too transparent, it looks cheap, especially if your bra can be seen under it, like in this picture.

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3. Don’t show your underwear.
Ok, you have a great body and you want to show it. Please do that when you are at the beach not when wearing a nice dress. Avoid clothes with transparent parts that show your underwear, even if it is hot outside, keep a mysterious look, let people imagine what it is underneath.

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4. Velvet is for cold seasons.
Velvet is a fabric that keeps you warm and definitely looks bad in summer. It is great for autumn and winter, in any form, a jacket, a suit, a dress. It’s an elegant fabric that makes you be perceived as high status person. This dress can be worn on a dinner night out.

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5. Make sure the clothes you wear fit you well.
There is a tendency in summer to wear oversized clothes because of the heat, but the risk with this is to look like bag. Oversized clothes are great in the house, when you want to feel comfortable and you have a relaxing day, but they are not for going out.

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6. Some colors are not meant to be worn in summer.
Like this green which is perfect for spring. Also, the suit is not the best choice with the long sleeved coat. Makes the look perfect for a little colder period, not summer, for more a business like event.

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7. Accessories have to match the look.
It is obvious that these shoes have nothing to do with the dress, one is elegant the other is casual and this makes the combination confusing. Wherever you go, you have to match your accessories with your clothing.

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8. Fur is not to be worn in heat.
We know a lot of people like to stand out, but wearing fur in summer is not the way to do it, looks hilarious. Everyone knows the person wearing the fur will sweat like crazy.

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9. Workout bras are for the gym.
They are not crop tops and they show too much skin to be worn as part of a casual look. Combined with long pants and sandals they look horrible. A t-shirt would have been perfect for this outfit, it is clear it’s missing.

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10. Formalwear should look simple and elegant.
If you decide to wear black and white and you go for a formal look, cover your tummy and avoid bandeau tops. This picture is the perfect example on how to not dress formal in summer.

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11. Heavy coats ar for fall and winter.
Can you believe this coat was worn in the beginning of august? This is a little too much for the summer.

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12. Sweatsuits are not for summer.
Even if you have a sweatsuit in bright colors, still is not appropriate for summer. The fabric is heavy and perfect for autumn and spring. Sweatsuits are for jogging and gym.

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