Find Out What Your Ring Finger Says About You


The length of the ring finger varies depending on the person, some have it shorter, some have it longer. Have you ever wondered what does that actually mean?

To find out what your ring finger says about you, you will have to look at it and compare it to the pointer finger. In our article you will find the explanation for: when your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger, when your ring finger is the same size as your pointer finger and when the ring finger is shorter than your pointer finger.

All three situations reveal a different type of person and personality. Now, in this moment take a look at your left and right hand, find out what situation you are in then read the interpretation.

Find Out What Your Ring Finger Says About You:

A. Logical and Charming person

When your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger it means you are the type of person who can attract anyone with their charm. You are conscious about your charm, but don’t rely too much on it. You use your logic a lot, loving challenges of all kind.

Being a problem solver, you are very good at reasoning and explaining things logically and people understand you easily. There might be times when you can be a little aggressive thanks to your ambitious personality, but you are in the same time compassionate and thoughtful.

B. Efficient and Confident person

When your ring finger is shorter than your pointer finger it means you are the type of person with a lot of self-confidence. You really know how to get things done and you want them done in your way. You love to do things all the time, work, be active and efficient and this makes you accomplish all of your objectives.

You love to work alone more than anything, you prefer to take on projects where you are the one who takes on all the responsibility. Leading roles suits you the best as you are able to handle pressure. You are an introvert and always thrive for more in life.

C. Easy-going and Peaceful person

When both of your fingers, the ring finger and pointer, are of the same size you are a person of balance. You love peace and avoid conflicts of any kind. You are like a mediator between your friends and family, you want to get along with all of them.

One of the best traits you have is that you are extremely caring and a loyal person that anyone would love to have around. But sometimes you can aggressive when someone challenges your patience too much!

So, are you an A, B or C ?

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