What Pimples Say About Your Health

We think that everyone struggled with pimples at some point in their life, either in adolescence, either in adulthood. The cause why they appear may vary from person to person but usually they indicate health problems. In women, the appearance of pimples are mostly from gynecological reasons and they should be treated accordingly. The second big cause of why they appear are from poor diet and ultimately from stress. These are the main factors and an unhealthy diet not only that affects your aesthetics but also your general health. If natural treatments and trying to eliminate the root cause of the problem is not working, then you have to turn to medications. Of course, everything you take has to be under the surveillance of a proper doctor that guides you through the process. If you want to have a small idea of why pimples appear on certain places on your body, continue reading as you will find out what pimples say about your health according to where they are placed.

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What does pimples say about your health if they are placed:

1. Chain, neck and on your jawline – indicate your period is gonna come soon because your hormones make your glands produce more oil during this period. If they are not constant it is fine, if not, consult a doctor.

2. Around the mouth – indicate that you may have consumed foods that are irritants for the skin like vinegar or acid lemons, maybe you have eaten greasy foods. Avoid junk food that is greasy and you will see how they disappear. Sometimes they appear here is you consume too much sugar.

3. Forehead and nose area – indicate that you are under stress. They can also appear in puberty on the T zone and they last for months. Sometimes bangs favors their appearance there as hair can collect dirt and it is staying on your forehead all day. Not to mention how bad it is in summer if you have bangs and you also sweat.

4. Temples and the hairline – pimples appear here as a cause of irritation from hair products, if you apply a lot of hairspray for example, it blocks the skin from that area of breathing and this can cause pimples.

5. Cheekbones – indicate you have touched your face with dirty hands or your phone that was dirty stayed near. We all know that phones are full of bacteria as we use them everywhere all the time, so it is necessary to use some alcohol and disinfect them from time to time to avoid unpleasant situations and appearance of pimples.

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