What Does Lipstick Tell About Female Character

What Does Lipstick Tell About Female Character

Researches show that people make instant judgement about a lady relying on the lipstick color she uses. Therefore many people say that women that use red bright lipstick seem to be very friendly. However, very few ladies use this color for a job interview.

The psychologist Angela Wright says that: ”Red has the ability to attract and engage people ‘s attention , so that can help you to find you an interview or a new social environment. But red can mean intense competition and if worn against the black clothes would be perceived as aggression. When combined correctly , bright colors such as red express openness and friendliness“. Also red is the color known to accelerate heart rate and physical energy.

From these researches we can find that: women who use paler tones are shy, many of these women admitting they would use pale colors at a job interview, the first day of the job and when first meeting with the family of their partner. Also women that use dark shades lipstick seem to be unfriendly.

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