Wedding Hairstyle Idea

Long hair offers so many possibilities when it comes to hairstyle ideas and who doesn’t want to look perfect on their wedding day? A great way to create a sophisticated and romantic look from long hair is to do hairstyles like this one. Curls look amazing and are perfect for the big day we all wait and want. Let’s see how this hairstyle can be done.


1. After you have washed the hair split it into two sections and separate them by gathering the hair up with a clip.

2. With the help of a curling iron make curls on sections of hair until all the lower part is curled.

3. Catch the upper hair with a small elastic and do a braid on the entire length.

4. Take small pieces of hair from the lower section of your hair and begin to go them through the braiding like you can see in the pictures until you leave only two stripes of hair on your sides, one in the left side and one in the right side.

5. Gather the stripes on the back of your head with a small elastic, turn them up and curl them again.

6. Add a hair accessory of your desire to hide the elastic and you finished an amazing hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyle Idea

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