Ways to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

For women who don’t have big enough breasts we have a few tips and tricks on how to make their chest look bigger without needing to do any surgery. As much as you can go to the gym and grow muscles, lose weight and change the way your body looks, you can also make your breasts bigger with eating foods that are stimulating growth. Also, you can use some methods that have instant effect without the need to work on long term in growing your chest. Most of us, women, if we would be asked, we would tell we want bigger breasts without doubt, so what can we do about this if we secretly wish for it? Take a look at the list and the videos below to see the tricks on how to make your breasts look bigger.

Ways to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

1.Eat foods that make your chest grow bigger
They usually contain estrogen which is a growth stimulating female hormone and can be found in food such as:
– dairy products especially cheese that also contain progesterone and prolactin that govern breast growth;
– chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils;
– vegetables such as: cucumber, carrots and beets;
– grains like wheat and rice;
– fruits: apples and cherries;
– soy and flax seeds.
2. Correct your posture
If you have problems with posture because you either sit a lot of time on the chair at an office desk or sleep badly, just look in the mirror and try to stay straight. See how your breast look bigger when you have a correct position?
3. Exercise
It is not enough to just look in the mirror and try to stay straight, you want to have this posture unconsciously so you have to train the muscles to stay that way without having to focus on the matter. Work out more and you will see amazing results.
4. Use push-up bras
We all know that bras can make a huge difference on the size of our chest, try to buy ones that have enough strength to give that push up effect. Wear 2 bras if needed, a bigger one over a smaller one and you will be amazed of the size of your breasts.

5. Clothes than enhance and accentuate size

Wear tops that have a detailed neckline and give a visual boost, also wear colors that fit you and help with body proportions because some colors can make you look larger and others smaller. Avoid squeezing your chest with clothes that are too tight.
6. Use makeup
You can contour the shape and size of the breasts and add shadows to them to give an effect of depth and this will actually make them pop out more if you have a cleavage.

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  1. You do realize that the point of “turning heads” is to find someone to spend your life with?… well you`ll kind of have to undress sooner or later in that lifetime, don`t you? What will you say? – “Surprise! I `m flat and a fake at the same time”

  2. I love how in the video the girl was so true and said like what I have small breast but the other chick was like oh I lost my big boobs o__o how you lost it babes? No hate but look didn’t ask for you info girl just show the chicks how to do it but love the other girl.

  3. For make best bigger i m using boobpop and With only a week of use I can already start to feel my breast feel fuller, very impress I LOVE IT !!!

  4. There are definitely some great tips in here. I would suggest that Ron doesn’t necessarily understand how women’s boobs work because yes, you absolutely can “lose” them (meaning they get smaller) for all sorts of reasons including but not limited to weight loss and breastfeeding.

    I would love to see an article on here for women who have big boobs, (meaning e, f or g + cup sizes for example) and how to 1) minimise the pain from them, especially the back pain and 2) some tips and tricks on how to minimise them so they can wear the types of clothing that women with smaller boobs can. I have yet to find a strapless bra that does anything to help assiduously support them, let alone lift them or be in any way comfortable!! Generally we don’t like our boobs falling out the sides of bras or clothing.

    Some men (and women) seem to think that really big boobs are what everyone wants. It’s not true!! I can tell you, as someone from a family of women who contend with this problem every day, if it is you with the problem you would not feel that way. Sometimes we feel that the only way to deal with the problem, particular from a health perspective more than an aesthetic perspective, is to have a breast reduction but this is not affordable for many women. So again I would really love to hear any really useful tips for those of us with normal size bodies and extra large boobs. This problem can also have a dramatic effect on self confidence and mental health too.

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