Ways To Fight Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are enemies of a beautiful face, not only that they are not aesthetic but they also favorize the formation of blackheads and that means they suck everything that get into contact with them and because the air is not very clean a lot of times, dirt is accumulated in them making us struggle with certain skin problems. The dream of every girl is a clean and smooth face and it can be obtained even if you don’t have it, by taking good care of the skin and following a few simple routines.

Woman with spotty skin with deep pores  and healed soft skin

Ways to fight enlarged pores:
1. Take constant care of your skin – a good beauty routine saves a lot of headaches. Sometimes a beautiful skin starts from the basics which is cleaning the face properly and nourishing it with what it needs. Hydration is very important, it also prevents wrinkles and know that products that contain salicylic acid unclog the pores so it is good to use them.
2. Avoid touching your face as much as you can – hands are one of the most dirty parts of the body, they get in contact with everything so after you have touched all kinds of things and put your hands on the face this can create seriously big damage to skin because bacteria is transferred. Before touching face wash your hands with antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol to be sure all small harmful living creatures are destroyed.
3. Use products that regenerate the skin – find good products on the market and apply on the problem areas. Besides a good cleaning routine of the face some regenerating creams help too.
4. Carefully pick your makeup products – if you are the type of person that wears makeup daily it is important to pick more carefully the products you put on your face. Find ones that are oil-free
and for better results always apply face primer before applying foundation, it will prevent the makeup to be mixed with the natural oils of skin and create a shiny look. Always remember that the skin needs some breathing time too and it needs at least 2 days per week without makeup!

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