Ways to Dress Like You’re a Millionaire Woman

A lot of us dream about becoming a millionaire, all the shoes, dresses and all kinds of stuff we could buy if we would just have more money. We know it is not everyones dream to become one so we don’t judge you in case you have a different viewpoint on life, but for those who do want, it is a long journey that sometimes might not become true. Let’s be honest, if you are not at that level yet, you can still look like you are a millionaire with a couple of fashion tips and tricks. Looking expensive doesn’t stay only in the brand of your dress or shoes. You can find quality materials and clothing at affordable prices and still look like you have spent a fortune on them. In the article below we will give you some guidelines of how to pick the right clothes so you look like a true millionaire.

Ways to Dress Like You’re a Millionaire Woman

How to dress like you’re a millionaire woman:

1. Adopt uniforms – the classics will always be in trend and will look more expensive, like a little black dress, a dark colored pair of jeans, cream colored knits, a white shirt, and many more pieces that can be matched between them to give you that millionaire look.

2. Be well groomed – clean lines, polished accessories, perfectly brushed hair will send you far from looking cheap.

3. Invest in good shoes and bags – they don’t have to be designer ones, but at least made of leather. If they are quite expensive for you, try to introduce in your wardrobe one piece at a time, it is worth having more in time.

4. Don’t wear fake leather – fake leather can be spotted from miles!

5. Don’t wear things with a logo on display – the best way to not be associated with a certain financial class is to wear clothes, shoes, bags with no logo on display.

6. Wear sweaters – a cardigan over your shoulders will give you an expensive 80’s look.

7. Avoid wearing things that are not in good condition – nicks and scratches on anything you wear will scream “cheap”.

8. Wear fashionable sunglasses – like Jackie Kennedy style ones, they are a little oversized and will make you look like a parisian fashion model on the runway.

9. Keep your nails classic – avoid neon colors and fake nails, go for natural nails with mono color polish or french manicure.

10. Have an oversized coat – will add instant polish to any outfit.

11. Wear dark denim – the darker they are, the more expensive they look.

12. Wear dresses that are lady-like – like the skater dress style, wear things that enhance your femininity and avoid neon colors.

13. Invest in a good perfume.

14. Put some jewels on – and don’t be afraid if they are not made of diamonds or gold, there are many jewelry pieces on the market that are cheap, yet look expensive.

15. Wear the “I have money combo” – a navy blazer combined with a turtleneck.

16. Adopt wearing conservative status symbols – like wearing belgian shoes, moccasins and loafers.

17. Own a camel coat – oh, and wear it!

18. Wear clothes that fit – not too tight, not too loose, a perfect fit will always look more expensive.

19. Wear clothes with square pockets – classic blazers, skirts and pants.

20. Wear pearls – when you don’t know what jewelry to adopt, pearls are always a win and make someone look more like a millionaire. Not everyone dares to wear pearls.

21. Wear a quality watch – if you can’t afford one, wear none and wait until you can invest in a nice watch.

22. Be careful with animal prints – there is a fine line between cheap and expensive and don’t overdo it. If you decide wearing animal prints, use one or two items in your look and accessorize with golden jewelry.

23. Wear monochrome – yes, wear one color from head to toe, like black or white.

24. Always keep your hair clean – you put all this effort in wearing the right clothes and looking all nice and polished and you don’t wash your hair. That is an epic fail. Millionaire women have exceptional hair and honestly it is not expensive for you the have it look gorgeous. A couple of good products like a shampoo, conditioner and a weekly mask will do wonders.

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