Ways Makeup Makes You Look Older

Makeup makes every woman feel more confident and better about themselves, it just gives us a prettier look and if it is the right one can make us look even younger than we are. But there are a few exceptions and cases when makeup can do more harm than good. If it is the wrong makeup it can make us look older. There are a few details you have to be aware of and think about when applying makeup so you can avoid the wrong tips and embrace the good ones. Avoid these things from your makeup routine and you won’t risk looking older than you are.

Ways Makeup Makes You Look Older

Ways makeup makes you look older:
1. Lipstick that is dark
Because dark colors are colder and they make our lips look smaller, they can make us look older too. Nude colors, beige colors and warm pink tones make a person look younger and healthier. To make the lips look even better you can also line them with a darker tone than your lipstick color, then apply the lipstick over, this way they will be beautifully shaped.
2. Powder that is loose
If not applied properly or if not the right powder color, it can make someone have a ghost face. Always pick a darker shade than your foundation to avoid this problem than can ocurre.
3. Skin that is Shimmery
When your face is shimmery it attracts attention on it and also on your imperfections. The best glow your face can have is one that is given by a hydrated skin, avoid shimmery products.
4. Eyes that are sparkly
Sparkly eyeshadows capture attention on the wrinkles around your eyes, better to use matte colours or ones that have just a slighlty shimmer in them.
5. Lips that are opaque
Even if opaque colors are in trend, always follow what looks good on you and for most women this kind of lips make them look older.
6. Eyebrows that are harsh
If you like bold eyebrows is not a problem you just have to be aware that the color of them has to be a few shades lighter than your hair color and you will look great. Very dark colors look funny, especially if you are blonde.
7. Makeup that is messy
Once your makeup gets messy will make you look weird, running mascara, maybe smudging eyeliner, all give an old look to the person. The solution for this problem is to always check your makeup during the day and make the necessary reparations.

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