Way to Give Extra Volume for Your Hair

Imagine how gorgeous a hair with volume looks. It captures the attention of all and makes the person stand out. If you have a problem with not having enough volume to your hair we will show you a simple technique that will give the perfect look so everyone will turn heads around. Follow the instructions from the list below and let’s start being fabulous just with the help of a few beauty products and a hairdryer.

1. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and apply a thickening spray to it before starting to dry it.
2. Start blow drying your hair in the opposite direction of it’s normal growth. Begin with the roots from behind and slowly go to the front.
3. After finishing, use a volumizing powder and gently massage it to your scalp and roots.
4. If you still feel you haven’t got enough volume you can use a teasing comb and make your hair look much fuller.

Sometimes, when you have very long hair, because it’s heavy, you might have to try this technique a few times before making your roots get used to stay in the opposite direction and get the perfect volume. Have fun and enjoy!

blow-out-your-hair (1)

Photo courtesy: kouturekiss.

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