Washing New Clothes before Wearing Them – Yay or Nay?

Getting new clothes, whether as a gift or you’re buying one for yourself, has always been one of few things that can instantly make your day twice brighter. You can’t wait to wash and “debut” it as soon as possible. At times, though, getting new clothes isn’t always planned. Accidents happen, and you may have to get a new article of clothing; whether it’s trousers, shirts, or even underwear. Now, the question is, do you really have to wash your new clothes before wearing them for the first time?

Although some may insist to wash their new clothes for hygiene reason, some may argue that since it’s packed, there’s no need to do so. If the situation calls for it, perhaps you’re left with no option but to wear it straight from the store. However, is this something you can do all the time?

Lana Hogue, a clothing manufacturer expert answers The Question. No, is what she said. Hogue further explained that washing new clothes before wearing them prevent skin problems, since chemicals are used on clothing. Harmful chemicals such as carcinogens, despite small amount, are used and can cause serious threat over time. These chemicals are used when dyeing clothes and on the finishing step of clothes manufacturing. This means, no clothes is entirely safe from chemicals, and thus you should always wash new clothes before wearing it.

As if chemicals aren’t scary enough, Donald Belsito, a dermatology professor warned the danger of lice, bacteria, and fungus that can be found on new clothes. The culprit? Trying on clothes in the store looks safe, but you can never be sure of what infectious disease can be transmitted. Don’t forget about all the people who’ve tried on those clothes before you and also about the ones who sewed them!

Basically, you’d have to wash almost every article of clothing before wearing them, except swimsuits (you have to immediately use it), event wear, and outerwear that doesn’t make any direct contact with your skin. Socks, underwear, summer dresses, and swimsuits that won’t be used in the water immediately are included in the must-wash list. Also on the list, T-shirts, shorts, athletic wear and anything that touches your skin. Hogue also reminded us that if you’re going to sweat on it, you need to wash it. Sweating, according to her, allows your skin to absorb the chemicals better since your pores are opened. Definitely not a smart move!

You may have to keep this in mind, though; that some clothing doesn’t need to be washed very often or right after you buy them. Jacket, as an example, can be used right away without any prior washing. If you’re unsure, though, you can always air it before usage. Dry cleaning is an option, but Hogue didn’t necessarily recommend it.

So now, unless it’s urgent, remind yourself to drop that new shirt on the laundry basket as soon as you get home. Who knows how would your skin react to it?

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