Warning Signs You Need To Lose Weight

A lot of times, whenever something is happening inside us, the body sends out messages. But, with our busy lives, we barely stop and listen to it. Mostly we end up seeing to many symptoms before actually starting to figure out what is really happening. A lot of people who are overweight, they stay in the same situation without thinking how the excess can affect their bodies and general health. Whether you are in the situation or not, whether you are liking it or not, a lot of weight will create you serious problems. We will present you a few warning signs you should not ignore!

Warning Signs You Need To Lose Weight

Warning signs you need to lose weight:

1. You started to snore by night – suddenly, you partner, parents or whoever you are living with, tell you that you became noisy at night and you started snoring. This is happening because the fat around your neck is narrowing the airway so you have problems breathing. You start to not breath properly and all kinds of problems can occur while sleeping, like a heart attack!

2. You started having high blood pressure / cholesterol – check the levels of your blood pressure and cholesterol regularly, if they are too big for sure they can be the cause of gaining some weight. Stop eating junk food and and start doing more exercises, at least half an hour a day.

3. You started having pain in your bones – your knees, hips and back, start hurting more and more. This can indicate you are carrying too much weight with you. This can cause you constant tiredness, stress, discomfort and why put up with all of that when you can start loving yourself more and begin the weight loss process?

4. You are always hungry – no matter how much you eat, the hunger doesn’t go away. Mostly, reasons why you are hungry are these 2: you eat bad food that has almost no nourishment for your body and the second is that you are gaining weight. Both are related and the thing with having hunger all the time is that you can’t satisfy it unless you give the body the necessary vitamins and minerals needed. Stop eating unhealthy foods, at least gradually, everyday, put some green veggies in your diet. Constant hunger can also be a symptom of type 2 diabetes, so better go and get a check at a doctor!

5. Your clothes don’t fit anymore – that is an obvious sign! All your nice clothes that you were wearing before became too small and you barely can wear them because they are too tight or worse you can’t even fit in them anymore!

6. You have no energy during the day – you feel tired all the time, especially when this wasn’t a problem for you before. Bad food that makes people gain weight is making them also feel tired. This can cause everyday activities to leave you breathless and it is not normal.

7. You have heart palpitations – because overweight people have an increased blood pressure, this can cause heart palpitations.

8. You have poor sleep – not just because you are snoring but also because your body feels that something is not right with it. It feels heavy and big and uncomfortable.

9. You have sore feet – everyday you go to sleep your feet are hurting and are sore. They might carry too much weight, so don’t ignore this symptom!

10. You feel depressed – this is characterized by not wanting to leave the house, feel bad about yourself, ignore friends messages and calls. This is serious and you have to take action to solve it unless you want to spend your entire life doing nothing!

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