Wall Stickers Collection with an intriguing theme: “The Circus”


How to add a zing of spice to your home? One of the easiest ways to brighten up a dull wall or a blank corner is to pep it up with wall stickers! Easy to use, these stick on wall decorations are perfect for any wall and can give a stylish makeover to your home. A huge array of these stickers is available, ranging from florals, abstracts, solids, to any perceivable design that you can imagine!

Here we showcase a collection of wall stickers that are a little out of the ordinary, bordering towards classy collectible art pieces. These are sure to catch the eye and bring a unique twist to even an ordinary room! The unusual collection is themed ‘The Circus” and is presented by PIXERS.


The stickers are actually art works that exhibit the spirit, charm and beauty of circus artists as who they really are as people. Containing many silhouettes of dancers and entertainers, the theme revolves around the buzzing colorful lives of the people who live in a world of music, dance, and unbridled talent. The collection features full wall sized stickers that have an unmatched impact on the viewer.

Team these stickers up with your home décor in subtle or pastel colours and watch the intriguing characters come alive!

Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-3 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-4 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-5 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-6 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-7 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-8 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-9 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-10 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-11 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-12 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-13 Wall-Sticker-Collection-The-Circus-14

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